10 INSTANT & Easy Men's Style Upgrades | How To Dress Better

– Making the transition from, let's say, college grad to professional, or just taking yourstyle from here to there is a big and very important leap.

Now, you're probably already someone who has always cared to somedegree about how you dress and how you present yourself to the world, but you're entering a differentphase of your life now, and it's time to make some changes.

And in this video, I'm gonnagive you 10 easy upgrades that you can make right now.

(upbeat music) I'm Brian Sacawa, and youare watching He Spoke Style where we are dedicated to giving you all the tips, knowledge, and inspiration you need to dress well, have more confidence, and unlock your potential.

Number one, let's talk about how you carry your things around.

Now, instead of a backpack or a beat up old canvas messenger bag, let's go to a briefcase.

There are a variety of options to fit any type of lifestyle or personality.

As a casual option, I reallylike a classic Filson.

On the other end of the spectrum, super professional and very luxe, something leather from Frank Clegg.

And then somewhere in the middle, the Cary Briefcase by Stuart& Lau is a great option.

Number two, jeans.

I remember being in collegeand wearing my jeans until they pretty muchdisintegrated off my body.

So, it's time to invest in a pair of slim, dark denim.

Sure, you can wear them casually, but they also look incredible when you pair them with a nice blazer for something more onthe business casual side.

Fit, we want them to beslim, but not painted on.

Number three, instead ofthat college sweatshirt, let's go to a nice sweater.

If you're in an industry where you don't necessarilyhave to wear a tie that often, I would recommend going with a crew neck.

If you are going to wear a tie more often, a V-neck is a great option.

It looks good on itsown, and it also makes a great layering piece for under a blazer.

And I would make sure to find one in a nice thin Merino wool.

Number four, let's upgrade your tie from a cheap tie to something nicer.

The Tie Bar has lots ofoptions and very low prices.

Yes, when I first started toimprove my personal style, The Tie Bar was my go to.

However, the quality is very low, and the ties are far too narrow.

If you step up into somethinglike a Drake's, for example, or Brooks Brothers orNordstrom's house brand, you will feel and see a difference.

It's more professional and itlooks like you mean business.

Number five, it's time togo from that 10 to $25 watch to something a little more respectable.

Now, I'm not saying you've gotta drop thousands of dollars to do this.

There are a lot of great options in that 150 to $500 price range.

Specifically, I wouldtake a look at Seiko.

The SNEs 039, 489, or the SUP880 are all very nice and affordable options.

If you want something more casual, take a look at the Seiko SKX007 or the Hamilton Field Khaki Mechanical.

Number six, for a casual shirt, let's get rid of that old radi T-shirt and replace it with achambray or denim shirt.

What I love most aboutthese types of shirts is their ability to take the formality out of a dressier look.

Wear it with a suit, it dresses it down.

Business casual, same thing.

It will unlock a whole newdimension to your wardrobe, making it infinitely more versatile.

Number seven, sneakers.

Don't be wearing your runningshoes or your gym shoes when you're out on the town.

Instead, it's time to step intosomething, no pun intended, a little more grown up likea minimal leather sneaker.

Personally, I thinkwhite is a great option, both in terms of versatilityand adding contrast.

But depending on your style, you might want to offersomething brown or black.

Number eight, sticking with footwear.

If you're a fan of wearing boots, let's take those casualboots and upgrade them to a nice Chelsea boot.

Chelsea boots are very comfortable, very easy to slip on and off.

They look amazing and pairvery naturally with jeans, and you can also wear them with a suit for a very sleek look.

Number nine, a belt.

Again, I remember when I was in college, I wore like the samebelt every single day.

It was a little too wide.

It got really stretched out.

The holes got bigger.

It just didn't look good anymore.

So, this is a really easy item to upgrade.

For something with the most versatility, you wanna go with a dark brown or oxblood color leather belt.

From more of a businessoutfit perspective, I would choose both a blackand a dark brown belt.

Number 10, it's time to getrid of that fat fashion blazer.

It's probably a little too short.

The lapels are probably too narrow.

The fit, I'm gonna wager, is not perfect.

You're going to want to stepup into something custom that fits well and thatreflects where you are in life.

I've reviewed several of themost popular brands and options for me to measure andreally great fitting, great quality off the rack, including Indochino, Bonobos, Suitsupply, and more.

You can find them all rightover there in that playlist, so hop on over there, do some research, and I know you will findthe right option for you.