11 CLEVER Outfit Tricks to INSTANTLY Look More STYLISH!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] i think it's safe to say that nowadays you can find hand sanitizer anywhere how's that a style hack because you can use it to get rid of stains seriously the high alcohol content is going to help to neutralize the stain stop it from setting give

you time to run it under water so if it's an ink stain it's a blood stain it's a coffee stain you've got hand sanitizer you are in business next up on our list learn to tie a scarf in a fun and creative way because the reality is most

guys are doing the exact same thing they're going for that wrap around look which yeah gets the job done but really come on you can do better first up we've got the parisian knot as you can see this one incredibly simple easy to learn how to tie what

i like about this if you've got a longer scarf this is going to do a great job using the material and it does a decent job of protecting the neck next up we've got the four in hand and this should not be confused with the forward hand when

tying a necktie it's a very different knot but when you look at it overall the style something unique something that you're gonna have to practice a few times but once you get it you've got it and this is just a great looking knot it's going to have you

standing out from the crowd and if you want something really unique look at the reverse drape cross what i love about this one is when you wear you're pretty much going to be the only guy wearing it does a great job of going around the neck keeping you

warm it works great whether you've got a medium length scarf or a longer scarf overall a great knot that's going to keep you warm and have you looking good now this next tip super ninja for any guy that wants to look a little bit taller match your belt

with your trousers now let me be clear you don't have to match exactly you want to go for a low contrast look with your belt and your trousers you don't want to go for the high contrast look so what am i talking about here what kind of witchcraft

is this what we're doing here gents is that we're playing with proportions we're basically lengthening your leg line therefore making it look taller now a lot of times you do this without even thinking about it wear those dark colored jeans you wear that dark colored belt now if

you like to wear lighter colored trousers tans khakis you like to go for a light gray this is where you're going to want to have some belts in lighter colors because most belts old are going to be of a dark color and that's not what you're looking for

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i love things like that or simply a strap doesn't work anymore it gets bent out of shape you've used it for over a year you decide hey i want to upgrade i want to change it out but i love this buckle the buckle is still functional just go

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don't have to worry about adjusting just to an inch right here you can adjust to a quarter of an inch so you're going to get a more comfortable fit in addition this better distributes the weight and overall you get a belt that's just going to fit you better

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known these guys for years they are the real deal family-owned business here in the united states with amazing customer service go check them out guys use that link down in the description next up gents let's talk about shaving and we're not talking about shaving your face this right

here is a sweater shaver so if you've ever had a sweater that you pull out because you know it's been in storage all summer and it's got that pilling on it it's got that excess fuzz you want to get rid of that you want that sweater to look

like new then you go over it with a sweater shaver but i know not everyone's going to have one of these but what you do have is a cheap razor disposable razors that preferably have not been used guess what you go ahead and you shave that sweater when

you go over it and just wear the sweater and you go over and you remove all that pilling it is going to remove it and does a great job just make sure that you use a fresh disposable razor now as i've got the razor out here let's talk

about a couple quick shaving hacks first up you don't have any shaving cream go down into your kitchen and grab a cooking oil olive oil perfect you don't want to use it again and again it could start to irritate the skin although some people swear by it point

being is put that olive oil on and go ahead and go for a shave now speaking of shaving how do you actually get rid of that razor burn so one of the things i see men making this mistake again and again is they have no technique and when

they shave they go with really big long strokes like that don't do that when you're shaving you want to go over with really small strokes and you never want to hit the same area twice and if you do you want to put on some more shaving cream or

shaving oil whatever it may be or use them in combination which is actually best point being never shave over an area that's already been shaved over once that doesn't have a lubricant to protect the skin this right here is what drives your skin crazy and when you do

those really big long strokes you end up cutting yourself you don't have nearly as much control so again reduce the size of the stroke and never go over an area that you've already gone over once that doesn't have protection on it anymore now about once a month i

get the question antonio how do you store your pocket squares i know you've got a lot of them and that's true i also have a lot of jackets and that's the secret to how i store them so in all of my jackets i put the pocket squares in

there and i just leave them in there pretty much 24 7 because it's easy for me to then go grab a jacket and say you know what all right this is going to work and i've already got a pocket square in there and i try to put in

pocket squares they have a wide variety of different colors they're going to match a wide variety of different shirts different outfits and i make it easy on myself and everything there is ready to go the next clever style hack to look good shine your shoes right after wearing

them seriously keep it under a minute yes i'd love to get in the 10 to 15 minute shoe shine but here's the thing i'm a father of four got to be really practical and i know that if i put those shoes away without cleaning them up i'm going

to forget about them so i shine them really quickly again i've got the polish right there it takes about 45 seconds to a minute per shoe and then boom i'm done i put them into a bag keep them covered keep the dust off them but the point is

shine your shoes right after wearing if you don't have time to iron your shirt well guys throw on the jacket because when you throw on that jacket you button up guess what they don't see any of the uniron shirt except for the collar so make sure that's looking

good right here the front part of the placket and the cuffs by the way gents it doesn't have to be a sports jacket it can be any jacket and a quick reminder that any well-fitted jacket on a man is going to make them look better why because it's

going to build up the shoulders draw attention to the hands and overall give you a leaner profile now when choosing clothing a really quick hack to be able to find a color that's going to work for you look at your eye color so for me i've got dark

brown eyes so i go for dark brown in my jackets and a few other pieces i've got here there those of you guys with blue eyes this is awesome because you want to mimic that color of blue if it's a light blue if it's a deep blue make

sure that maybe you can bring it into your pocket square that you can bring into your shirt people are going to notice when they look at your eyes the blue in the shirt is going to pull it out i know for me a jacket like this just gives

me a little bit more of a dark mysterious look and i've had people give me compliments on this jacket so find something that mimics with your eyes and use it the next tip to instantly look more stylish bring in a casual tie all right here i've got a

woolen necktie very distinctive because if it's napped a very soft surface but you could go with a fun bow tie the point is go with something casual go with something you don't have to wear but you're wearing because you want to stand out and you want to have

fun all right gents so what video to watch next how about the things that you shouldn't be wearing anymore these are out of fashion yeah if you're wearing the things on this list we've got issues guys find out it's a fun video and yeah i'm a link to

it right here so go check it out