5 Smart Casual Summer Outfit Ideas | Men’s Summer Fashion Lookbook

– I'm Brian Sacawa.

You're watching “He Spoke Style” and today I'm showing five sharpcasual summer outfit ideas.

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So some cool items, great brands, now let's put some outfits together.

So gotta say, firstoutfit video in a while.

Feels pretty good and Ireally hope you guys enjoy the return to this type of content.

Our first look here is verymuch inspired by nautical and riviera-type vibes wherecombining style and comfort is really, really important.

I say this all the time but theabsolute best way to do this is to wear fabrics that areappropriate for the season.

For summer, and this look specifically, we're talking about linen and cotton.

My jacket here, one of myfavorite summer jackets, it's by Suitsupply, fabricis a silk linen by E.

Thomas with just an absolutely amazing texture.

Underneath, we've gotthe Theory linen shirt.

A linen shirt should fit a little loosely.

It shouldn't be baggy but you don't want it to be form fitting.

I think not only does it feel good, but it also helps project that more casual and easygoing vibe.

For a riviera-inspired look like this, you've got to have a pair of white pants.

Mine are from our upcomingcollection with Michael Andrews.

You may notice that I'vedone belt loops here instead of my usual side tabs.

With more casual trousers likethis, I do prefer belt loops.

Speaking of the belt, also from the HSS MichaelAndrews collection.

Other accessories: sunglassesare the Oliver Peoples Banks, pocket square by Drake's, watch is the VacheronConstantin Traditionnelle, and finished off with the Allen Edmonds Grand Cayman loafers.

Here's a look that I would put in not only the sharp casual category, but what I like to call the grown-up casual category.

There's absolutely nothingwrong with casual staples like jeans, T-shirts, polos, sweaters, sweatshirts, and sneakers.

They all have their place butif your looking to elevate that type of outfit a little bit, that's when you've got to start thinking a little bit differently interms of fabrics and styling.

Let's start off with whatI would call the hero piece of this outfit and thatis this zip-up sweater.

It's from our collectionwith Michael Andrews and it's made from avery soft pima cotton.

Gives it that casual feelliterally and figuratively and a level of sophisticationthat you wouldn't find with a thicker fabric.

Underneath we've got aTheory polo, also in cotton.

Really love the littlebit of horizontal texture that it has.

Trousers are HSS MichaelAndrews in a cream, kind of stone colored cotton.

I did a two-inch cuff herebecause of the crease.

Again, sort of an element that elevates it as a more casual piece.

Watch is the IWC Ingenieur, and then anchored by the Toms sneakers.

Another kind of super classic combo here, once again working exclusivelywith seasonal fabrics.

My jacket, you guessedit, HSS Michael Andrews, is in a beautiful Holland& Sherry Fresco fabric.

I put it in the same category as linen in terms of breathability, and the jacket is unlined to maximize that breeziness even more.

Underneath, again, I'vegot the Theory polo shirt.

Now a polo shirt under ablazer is a very casual move and I like the overall more relaxed and kind of laid back feel.

One of the reasons for that isthat the collar doesn't have a ton of structure and as a result, you kind of need to be a little mindful of keeping the collar looking neat.

Nave cotton pants are HSSMichael Andrews, as is the belt.

Now I love completingsome of my summer looks with a Panama hat.

The one I'm wearing is by Homero Ortega.

On my wrist I have the VacheronConstantin Traditionnelle.

Shoes are my brown suedeBelgian Shoes Mr.


Next up is kind of an interesting take on summer monochromatic.

I mean, it's not that interesting but it kind of is to me because typically when I domonochromatic in the summer, I lean more towards brownsand especially lighter browns.

I kinda dig the navy though and for me, it seems slightlyunexpected for the summer.

Reminder that monochromaticlooks are a simple way to make a big statement.

Pieces here you mostly seen already.

Got the Theory linen shirt, which I did roll up the sleeves slightly.

HSS Michael Andrews navy cotton pants, paired with a braidedleather belt by J.


Got the Homero OrtegaPanama hat up top again.

Couple of accessories toreally kind of turn up the badass groove of this outfit.

Vintage USS frames with blue lenses, kind of got that Hollywood vibe to them.

Then on my wrist, the Datograph.

Braided leather tassel loafers.

One of my favorite pairsfor the summer are by Allen Edmonds The Palm each.

Last look here is definitely more on the casual side of things and also not for every summer night but for a chilly summer night.

It does get chillysometimes in the summer.

So let's break this outfitdown starting with the jacket.

It's by Valstar.

It's a very supple and lightweight leather so it works perfectlyin the kind of scenario I'm imagining this outfit in.

I'm continually impressed by this brand and the way they've been able to take such a simple jacket designand completely transform it over and over again just byusing different materials.

Every jacket really does haveits own unique character.

Underneath, just my classic heather gray Levi's athletic sweatshirt.

The pants are by DL1961.

They were part of my fix from Stitch Fix.

They're in an olive twill.

Color is different thanI would normally wear but I did let my stylist knowthat I was willing to step just a little bit outsideof my comfort zone.

I wear olive up top, like I have a couple jackets this color, but pants aren't anythingI'd consider, personally.

I actually like it.

Something a little different for me.

Still classic and I thinkit matches really well with the brown of the jacketand the gray of the sweatshirt.

I know I said this wasa casual evening look so you're probably wonderingwhy I'm wearing sunglasses, my John Varvatos, by the way.

All I can say is that when you're cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day.

Here's where you laugh.

Watch is my Omega Seamaster, and then finished off withmy white Common Projects Original Achilles sneakers.

So you might have noticedthat I did not style the Descendant of Thieves shirt.

So I did leave myself open to things that were maybe a littleoutside of my comfort zone, but that particular piecejust didn't feel right to me so that's why you didn't see it.

With Stitch Fix, however, when you have a situation like that, you just let your stylist knowand they update your profile to really dial in yourpreferences even more.

Thanks once again to StitchFix for sponsoring this video.

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