8 Outfit Ideas for Men's Waxed Cotton Jackets

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette.

In today’s video, we’ll be sharing 8 outfitideas you can wear with a waxed cotton jacket.

Now before we dive into these 8 great outfitsyou can wear with a waxed jacket, let me first share with you the history of what a waxedcotton jacket is.

Now the 15th-century mariners would coat thesails on their boats with fish oil and with grease.

This was done for more efficiency and weatherand kept the sails light in wet weather.

Now did you know that the worn-down remnantsof these sails were cut down for capes to keep the mariners dry? These are the beginnings of the fisherman’sslicker.

From 1795, Francis Webster Ltd.

was one ofthe best at adding linseed oil to flax sails.

By the mid-1920s the fabric was sent to Webstersto be woven and then it would be sent to Lancashire County to be dyed in black or olive green.

Now this produced the cloth that was water-resistant, breathable, and didn’t have a yellowing effect as it aged.

Then it was sent to London to be treated withcopper ammonia afterward the fabric is sent back to Lancashire County for waxing.

In 2005, refined hydrocarbon waxed was developedto better replace the copper ammonia treatment which is causing a really strong scent.

Over the years we’ve seen a large interestin waxed cotton coming from the commercial shipping industry.


Barbour and Sons was an early adapter inthe outdoor industry.

They made the waxed cotton jackets for farmersand for gamekeepers.

Belstaff gained a lot of popularity as motorcyclesarose as a means of transportation.

Waxed cotton was adapted as the first choiceof waterproof clothing for the British Armed Forces in World War II.

Alright, now that we’re up to speed withthe history of waxed cotton, let’s dive into some great outfits you can wear witha waxed cotton jacket: Outfit number 1: Patterned pants with a neutralshirt.

The boldness of the patterned pants drawsimmediate attention however the neutrality of the shirt and the jacket brings balanceinto the entire outfit.

Now adding something quirky is just a littlebit out of the norm to your outfit is just a great way to add new life into your waxedcotton jacket.

Outfit number 2: Gray pants with a patternedshirt.

Now, gray pants aren’t an easy choice formany to want to wear because of the ease of both blending it to casual or professionalattire.

The patterned shirt will bring something newand refreshing to the viewer as the jacket and neutral pants could repair other blendson their own.

Now it’s beneficial to consider a colorchoice that compliments both jacket and pants in this outfit.

The charcoal gray dress pants that I choseworks well in the entire outfit and keeps it elevated and professional looking as opposedto wearing chino or a pair of jeans in this particular setting.

The small checks within the pattern of thepurple shirt are not too busy or too whimsical and although they allow for visual interest, they keep things professional as well.

Now our third outfit: Dark wash denim witha lightweight sweater.

Now wearing a dark wash jeans is a great wayto maintain the casual appearance of the entire outfit and help bring out the casualness ofthe waxed cotton jacket as well.

Now try to remember to keep your denim choicefree of too much whiskering or seam details; this will take away from the clean look ofthe entire outfit and also will take away from the timelessness of your entire outfit.

Now the lightweight sweater has the capabilityof elevating and also brightening the entire appearance of the otherwise outdoorsy waxedcotton jacket.

Now once you remove your jacket, the sweaterand the denim will be able to complement one another effortlessly.

The bright color I chose to wear today complementsthe dark denim very well and it also provides a nice contrast to the dark jacket I choseto wear.

Outfit number 4: Chino pants and a patternedsports shirt.

Chino pants are convenient pant options toown especially in colors like stone, tan, green, or even navy.

Now as the waxed cotton jacket I’m wearingtoday is black, for contrast, I chose to wear tan cotton chino pants and the patterned shirtI’m wearing also complements the chino pants once the jacket is removed as well.

Outfit number 5: Dark turtleneck sweater andneutral dress pants.

Now wearing a turtleneck over a casual jacketor a blazer is not a new concept but the juxtaposition of wearing an outdoorsy jacket like the waxedcotton jacket with a turtle neck blends together wonderfully then adding the neutral dresspants elevates everything and allows everything to look complete.

The turtleneck is not too thick and thereforeis comfortably worn under the jacket without looking or feeling too bulky.

The neutral colored dress pants that I choseto wear have a very small check pattern inside of them and its soft color helps brightenthe rest of the outfit as the shoes, jacket, and turtleneck are all quite dark.

Outfit number 6 is going to be a V-neck sweaterwith a dress shirt, tie, and also dress pants.

Now, this is the harmonious way we’ll beable to blend a business casual outfit with a rustic outwear element.

Depending on what your waxed cotton jacketlooks like in terms of length, color, and different embellishments, you may decide youprefer to not wear a tie or to wear a different sweater or no sweater at all.

It’s always best to keep an open mind butin the end, do what’s best for you in your outfit.

In this outfit, you can confidently entera workplace and not feel too underdressed due to the outerwear.

The waxed cotton jacket provides insulationand water resistance.

The multiple layers worn in this outfit helpadd a little more depth to the overall outfit and the tie I chose to wear is from Fort Belvedere.

For some other great tie options which youcan incorporate in your own outfits, check them out at the Fort Belvedere shop.

(link in description box) Outfit number 7: Wearing a patterned sweateror a denim shirt.

Now the denim shirt and patterned sweatercombination will add warmth to the entire outfit.

Try adding a favorite watch or a ring to furtherpersonalize your outfit.

The light sweater I chose to wear happensto have a lot of shades of blue and some gray woven inside.

All different neutrals would have would allhelp complement the dark washed jeans.

Now, this outfit can also be worn with off-whitedenim, tan chino pants, and a bold earth tone colored green pants as well.

Last but not least, our 8th outfit: a denimshirt, with off-white pants.

This outfit is great for a casual outing especiallyif you’re wearing a black, navy, gree, or khaki cotton waxed jacket.

The tone of the light denim shirt will brightenup the tone of your outfit especially when worn with a black or an olive green waxedjacket.

The off-white pants option also helps brightenup the outfit especially when paired with a nice boot, or cap of your choosing.

Now that we have reviewed some amazing outfitsyou can wear with a waxed cotton jacket, let’s look at some of the best times of the yearto wear this jacket: Cooler temperatures always provide the besttime to wear a waxed cotton jacket.

The reason is, spring, fall, and the beginningof winter depending on your location is always going to provide you the best opportunityto take advantage of the water resistance, and the subtle insulation these jackets provide.

Certain brands and styles offer more paddingand insulation than others and some may provide more of a shell to provide against moisture, for example, when out fishing.

Three popular styles from the Barbour brandhappen to be the Barbour Ashby Waxed Jacket, the Barbour Classic Beaufort Waxed Jacket, and the Bedale Waxed Jacket.

Now the waxed cotton jacket is essentiallya three-season jacket but depending on your intention and needs.

While shopping for your jacket, it’s importantto keep temperature and style in mind.

Now will you be actually wearing your jacketfor outdoor activities or will you also be wearing this as more of a fashion statementand to pay homage to a timeless style? Once you have answered those for yourself, make sure you shop around and find the best quality and find the best jacket that fitsyou.

Remember, if you’re uncomfortable with whatyour wearing, it is going to show.

Remember, don’t feel the need to wear aparticular jacket from a certain brand simply because of its popularity.

Finding what works best for you is alwaysideal whether that comes from a vintage shop or a high-end store.

Alright, now that you have style ideas andyou know what best season to wear your waxed cotton jacket, what color should you be purchasing? Typically, what many of us think of when weenvision a waxed cotton jacket we think of black or dark olive green.

And although this is correct in terms of many, many factories will produce, we are now starting to see more options in terms of color — wesee tan, navy, and sometimes even plaid.

Now if you’re new to the world of waxedcotton jackets, it’s important to probably find something that will offer more stabilityin your outfits like a green, or black option.

However, if you already got something goodfoundational colors like that in your wardrobe, feel free to go ahead and have some fun andexperiment with a different color, or perhaps a pattern.

Now here are the three don’ts of waxed cottonjacket ownership: 1.

Don’t dry clean.

This can damage the pressing and heat involvedand also, a lot of the different chemicals that might be used at the dry cleaners usuallywon’t cooperate to well with the wax.


Don’t machine wash your waxed cotton jacket.

Now a good alternative to cleaning your waxedcotton jacket would be to wash it by hand.

Over time you might also find that you shouldbe reapplying a cotton wax on your jacket.


Do not wash your waxed cotton jacket withwarm water.

The reason that this is important is thatin doing so, you’ll be releasing the protective coating on your jacket.

Now, how do you best care for your waxed cottonjacket? It’s important to know that waxed cottonjackets usually need an annual re-waxing.

Over time, the friction of consistent wearwill cause the wax to break down.

Re-waxing is best performed during the summermonths due to the naturally warmer temperature.

It is, therefore, much easier to spread arounddue to how soft it is.

Now when the wax is warmed, you can then applyit to small areas with a soft cloth.

Although much time has passed since it’screation, many of the original ways of how it’s first enjoyed are still enjoyed today.

The resurgence in recent years has a moreclassic style, offers a great opportunity to re-introduce this element of style intoour wardrobes and this element offers many different benefits that will last for yearsto come.

Now the bold, gingham patterned shirt thatI’m wearing is navy blue and white, and I love the fact that the neutral colors inthis shirt complement the jacket so effortlessly.

This shirt can be tucked in or left untuckedfor a more casual approach.

And the all-black Chelsea boots that I’mwearing help finish off the entire outfit and pair nicely with the jacket.