Agust D (BTS Suga) ‘Daechwita’ MV Outfit Challenge (+DIY) | Q2HAN

what is this what's up geez your favorite [Music] so welcome to video kiddies and today we brought another video of kpop outfit challenge but this time is Nadi Airport outfit yeah but it is out fare from his new and because again this time we deal with the coat

tomorrow we ventured out in home day and where should I go Oh DDP so if you could use our new channel when we always do k-pops out the challenge we always go to the underground coma yeah to do it but because of Jacoby 19 that this is quite

secluded in the basement so we're it kind of it feel uncomfortable going there still so best to be safe then you know then be sorry okay so we already saw that you can yell I first of all I love the fact that the back restaurant was in the

Korean traditional house oh yeah and then I think you're the one who posted on my story who would hope the cameo was I don't catch that until yeah these are sending me yeah although I was really funny so let's talk about the Alex's yeah so his outfit was

like a military theme but he was wearing a green hooded multi pocket jacket from r-13 this brand was actually in the Far Fitch so I went daily yeah and it sold out also were a jeans from disfranchise fear of God but he has this high in the front

but we obviously couldn't find jeans like that so just go use ours and he's also wear a sneaker from Jordan that we don't have but I think we have a similar greenish nice to do so I do could go with that and he's wearing a simple green polish

all unique shirt inside and he accessorized on chest silver jewelry's like necklace and necklace which we don't have so we weren't planning to go to detail with this outfit choice but you suggested us to do the hair and the scar so we're like I actually really liked his

hairstyle yeah I was so I was searching on internet tried to find a male wig for some reason it's so hard to find a male way yeah I don't see a lot of people in Korea where's the wait I don't know but it was so hard so guess

what we're gonna do is we're gonna cut our old layered way that we got from yes a long time ago he has this like what Carol is like a straight hair right this gives a similar vibe this gun perfect like it flows exactly like is here I'll say

so we just need to like cut here no no no sir no no okay see is there so you're not gonna cut it right no guys we're gonna make that Chanel net yes and also one long pin that he was worried and then that he's worried is actually

like how it time it's like a Korean traditional mask yeah but obviously we weren't able to find out so we substitute that for this son she yeah so we're gonna DIY that too so there's a lot of DIY involved in this video today so right now we're heading

to DDP in the mood to get a little trim stock for DIY the necklace and also to buy some fabrics to DIY the pockets of the Safari jacket and so yeah weather is beautiful okay don't worry [Music] yeah I think it's perfect how much air do you need

really small just one John yard without easy yeah this place is so crowded oh my god oh good so this is like literally smaller think you can booger and we're gonna individually put this on the they should make the Chanel sign Wow that's the videos a DIY since

I think we found one that we want it yeah that's pretty what the Rhinestone yeah Chanel I think the Rhinestone Wordle it really pop because these are kind of like for you started [Music] oh yeah it's very hard to find Safari jacket especially right now the fact that

is summer yeah so the only way we could do is school online this was how much was that 30 2001 yeah it has a similar hot yeah but with this well actually the one that she was wearing he has two pockets but this one has one pocket they

each of them recover with this camouflage pattern so we actually bought a yard of this fabric and we're gonna kind of DIY so that happened here here oh and it is if you see closely his jacket is like splattered with white paint and black paint sister holy [

__ ] so the whole thing came out around 53 dollars yes [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] I want to do it [Music] Oh [Music] when he wasn't in one circular one so we're just gonna do it this that we have well there's just a lot of Nicholas

young she does like on five or six layers of necklace so much weight on my neck it's then can you bring that olive sure sister I like it yeah nice yes hi gorgeous got that right [ __ ] so we're just basically just gonna measure this and then

create a pattern so we're gonna do one patch for here and this one we're just gonna do on the flat yet of this pocket [Music] [Music] it was in distress fit so she just saw YouTube clip where they kind of give a tutorial of how to distress it

and basically just was like this yup and then you will like this list you know this is the 30 mm long jack okay right and then she pulls out some thread it turned out quite okay [Applause] Amy's a good enough man no I'm in a beautiful desk you

gonna shoot holes I shall for here [ __ ] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay sister gave me a little Mole Thanks so this is next day we just had a super power nap and I am super bloated I'm gonna wear a wig and Q jeans gonna start cutting into

shoe guys hairstyle and wish us luck make sure all your hair is inside what else I might accidentally cut it I'm saying everything you did when you were doing tattoo okay oh I really don't know what I am doing I'm just gonna flick it guys I like captured

bunch of shoe guys hair from the music video so you're doing it can you just hold it like okay so now what it's like this like hair is so straight there's not much hair on the back oh my god yesterday you struggle so much with the wigs we

washed it and dried it and just right now we blow dry together to make it a bit decent then then we're gonna use a hair wax to give that wet effect oh [ __ ] oh my god do we feel I think you came to crystallize it scar

says who looks Carver's and that will figure this out why is it so watery oh [ __ ] so I saw this on YouTube and I make a fake scar with fake lash glue uh-huh could you lie missed it oh okay so I can't wait to the rise

I really hope the hair turns out well I mean I mean if you like stand far away you look okay Oh what I'm gonna do is since it's quite sticky we're gonna put this nudie I showed earlier and she's using a freaking paintbrush paintbrush the point of using

the glue is just to make the texture a little bumpier yeah like a scarf next is you just use a pink color or purple if you have this color here look like scotch mm-hmm Wow whoa good job says okay now we know that what we really need right

now so volume volume here the professional like I just did see check if this is other nut let's just use wax to like secure everything maybe we should just start using wax and then kind of like yeah here's the last we meet this oh but it's working yeah

yeah it has some volume on the root now yeah well it is working I think it's a good thing that you just asked us to do the hair and the scar because it's more fun yeah going like extra more effort yeah well my forehead is but we just

mixed your forehead looks really nice it is okay oh that's okay it's too like this just the one we can do better than this we stop this stop here's the thing kiddies let's just ignore this hair and let's talk about the alpha coz alpha is the key here

okay I'll put here today oh boy you sure look better like this okay thank you okay so this is other necklace ciy and some jazz up some ring this is the Sikh jacket no I turned out really nice right I really like how we did this patch in

this whole lash of [ __ ] and that's right here totally made this jacket into something new I like it rush gonna wear it is yeah it has more character to it however like it and the pants is ours our shoe it's Nike I think it is as

I said wow I think we have never put this much effort on a tape of a third challenge Wow so if you could just have another kpop music video or airport or casual outfit that you just want us to recreate please let us know at the competition banal

epic and enjoy [Music] [Music]