HOW TO WEAR LEGGINGS, SKINNY JEANS & PANTS ( 6 Outfit Styles for Women over 50 )

Hey awesome ones.

Well if you're like me you probably stayed away from the   you know the skinny leggings and the skinny jeans that sort of thing probably thinking as i did that   they're uncomfortable, they might make me look a little bit heavier than I am and I'm here to tell   you that I have been wearing them now probably for at least a couple of years and I love them.

   They they're comfortable they're super stretchy and I found six different styles of these kind of   legging pants and I can't wait to show them to you.

It all starts in just a few seconds.

So my hope today is to show you these outfits with the intention of maybe afterwards you   shop your wardrobe and you can find lots of tops to go with them.

And you know you   may not have to buy very much because you've got a lot of the tops the jackets the dusters   again as i said in your wardrobe.

Now when you are buying these stretchy leggings or stretchy jeans   make sure you get them with a lot of stretch.







 that's super important and also make sure that   the tops that you wear do cover your butt.





hey you know we want to look classy not trashy.

So   that's been my intent in this and let's start with outfit number one.

So this is what I call   a basic silhouette outfit and as you can see it's slimming because it's all black and but   what we're going to do is we're going to put our dusters our jackets our whatever sweaters over top   What you can see here is I've got the stretchy kind of legging pants and I also have a cover your   butt type of top and also a stretchy belt.

So let's see what we can do with this outfit.

So let's take   a look at a few looks that we can achieve by using this kind of basic silhouette.

Here I am walking   on the wild side with my leopard kind of animal print coat and you can see that that's just a   beautiful silhouette with this particular look.

 I'm wearing just a pair of booties with this   and it's very classic, very trendy and I'm covering my butt.

So you know I like to mix up my wardrobe   a little bit and so why not add a vest and I love this vest.

It's super long.

I actually got it from   amazon and it's it's something that you don't have to only wear it for fall.

You could also wear   it for many many other months out of the year.

 So for my next look I have a very lightweight   turquoise duster and I could definitely wear this in the summer time.

What I might want to do in the   summer time though instead of wearing the long sleeve sort of undershirt, I might go with maybe   a tank top again that's a little bit longer.

So as most of you know this next look is with one of my   favorite cardigans.

It's kind of a camel colored cardigan and it looks great, very classic look with   these pants and super comfortable.

I know that the big baggy pants are kind of popular right now   but I must say if you have a slimmer silhouette like I was just showing you, you are going to look   slimmer you are going to look taller probably and you're not kind of hiding behind all that bulk.

   Usually these baggy pants I mean they look a little oversized and for me when I wear something   that's a little bit more form-fitting I'm eating better you know because I can sort of see if I'm   gaining a little bit of weight.

I think that's a good thing as well but   next I want to show you a pair of jeggings which are jeans and leggings and again these are   super super stretchy.

I'm wearing them with a classic white shirt so usually if you have a pair   of jeggings and you've got the fly front you don't have to worry about wearing shapewear because it's   really kind of bringing everything in and it's stretchy.

Let's take a look at what I have here.

   I've got the classic white shirt.

I just put a cami underneath it you know so I could undo a couple of   buttons there and what I've done is I've tucked it in both sides just so that the front is kind   of covered and I paired this with a pair of blue kind of floral shoes but you could have easily   I could have easily worn a pair of booties as well.

 So for my next outfit have you ever bought a cute   little dress and then.



like the one I'm wearing right now.



and then got it home and realized you   know maybe it's a little bit too short.

Well I got an answer for that one.

So remember this   trick when you're in the change rooms and maybe you find a cute little dress like this one and   you go I can't wear that.

Well here's your answer.

 Here I have a pair of leggings underneath   and these ones actually.



I don't know if Bill can show you a little bit of a close-up close-up but   they have a little bit of a pattern in them and it looks really cute with this dress   and also I put on a pair of high heel booties just to to give the look a little bit more of   a dressed up kind of look.

Also what I could do is I could put on a jean jacket.



just a second here.



   I'll put on a jean jacket and maybe even a hat and you can have so much fun with this kind of look.

   For my next look let's take a look at a pair of stretchy jeggings in a different color because   you don't always have to go for black or white or even just denim.

Let's take a look.

This look is   a lot of fun and you'll notice these pants and I've worn them before and somebody said to me    I would never wear button-down fronts on a pant but this material is so stretchy that I can just   pull it on and off it's it's super and the pants are nice and form fitting.

This poncho I love   this kind of santa fe look and I actually got it from amazon and as you can see it's a fun look.

   I completed it with some turquoise bangles and also a rust color pair of boots.

Now I just showed   you the poncho that I got from amazon and what I'm going to do below the description I'm going   to put some links to the same or similar outfits that I'm wearing and clothing that I'm wearing but   let's get to number five.

Now as you know I mean I used to wear all black clothing like I really   thought that's what I needed to do to make me look slimmer and especially since I was a model.

Anyway   I know I need to brighten up my days so I usually try to add a lot of color to my clothing.

But   for this next outfit it's pretty well all black but I love wearing this outfit and I wear it for   walking and shopping and well let's just take a look.

Here I'm wearing a very stretchy but   kind of tight fitting a pair of pants and it has a flare at the bottom.

I particularly like wearing   a flare at the bottom especially if I'm wearing my athletic shoes because I have a size 10 foot.

I   kind of kind of like to hide it a little bit and I'm just wearing a white v-neck top underneath it   and I do really love this jacket.

It's it's really lightweight, it's great for walking and it's got a   got a cute little flare at the bottom as well.

Oh and don't forget to wear your exercise monitor   or your fitbit on your wrist so you can count your steps and make sure you get that walking   in.

For my next outfit.



hey this is something completely different especially if you're one that   really likes to wear the high boots.

So believe it or not I'm wearing a pair of stretchy capris   with this outfit so they're kind of leggings but they're capris and all I do is just tuck the top   of them into the top of the the boots and it's great because you don't have all that bulk of you   know long pants inside your boots and it's a it's a great look.

And what I did was I decided to just   pair this with a shirt that again is a longer kind of shirt and a denim kind of blazer here and   I think it's kind of a fun look.

And talking about a fun look, how do you how do you feel   about Hurricane's little puppy look that he gets.

 He usually gets a lot of the.



you know these dogs   sometimes get a little bit matted.



so he's got his little puppy look going on right now and    Also I gotta tell you when I'm doing these fashion videos I'm throwing all the outfits on the bed and   and he just starts crying.

He wants to go up on his bed and be in the midst of all the clothes.

So   that's one of the things and if he looks a little bit sleepy because he's usually sleeping   in amongst them.

Anyway I'm really excited because in a few days I've also got a zoom call   with a hollywood makeup artist and I should be able to share that actual zoom call with you   as he's going to be applying and I'm going to be applying some glam makeup.

That's coming   up shortly you know and other makeup videos are coming up and of course other fashion ones as   well.

So as most of you know I'm well over 50 now and what I try to do in these videos is I   really want to help you feel youthful and and yet you know still look classy and not trashy.

So   you know the other thing I want to do is I really wanted to encourage you to get out from behind   those baggy clothes and find the wonder of stretchy garments and I just hope that you   you know try it out.

I'm sure you're going to look fabulous and feel awesome.


INFINITE OUTFIT PATTERNS FARM! Marvel's Avengers Legendary Vendor Cosmetics Reset Exploit/Glitch

Hello, hello everyone, Vlad again and as Ihave promised you, well a couple of hours ago, in the second Marvel’s Avengers videoguide for today we will talk about infinite patterns.

So here we are and for those of you who followmy channel let me tell you that we are going to use the same Marvel’s Avengers glitchwe have used until now but there is a small tweak.

So, if you guys watched my previous videos, you can skip the first part because you already know what to do.

But we also have to assume that maybe we havenew friends who watch this video and because of that I’ll go really quick over the latestMarvel’s Avengers exploit we have used.

Therefore, if you are new to my channel, thisInfinite Patterns farming method uses an old video game trick which requires us to turnback our console’s internal clock.

I am going to show you how it’s done onPlayStation 4 but if you need help trying this on PC or Xbox in the comments section, you’ll find two useful videos.

The first one is from one of my videos andshows what to do on the PC, while the second one shows how to change the date and timeon Xbox.

Good, so the first step on PS4 is to completelyexit the game.

Then we will go to the network, then we willdisable our internet connection.

Next, we will start the game’s campaign.

Once we do that, we will start accepting alot of faction assignments and villain sectors from our faction representatives.

So, we will talk to Alisande Morales firstand accept all of the missions.

Next, we are going back to the dashboard, back to setting and here we will look for the Date And Time options.

Now we will uncheck the Adjust Daylight SavingAutomatically and we will change the date backward by one day.

Never forward.

We move one day at a time but backward.

Good then.

So now we are going to head back to AlisandeMorales and we will accept all of the new missions and assignments, then go back tothe dashboard back to date and time and change the date to the previous day.

Now obviously we will do the same with Garzaand Anthill as I have explained in my previous video.

So why are we doing this? Because our initial goal is to farm polychoronby completing the daily assignments and the villain sectors at the same time.

However, we will not discuss the polychoronagain because I already have an in-depth guide on how to farm it.

Instead, we will focus a bit on the Marvel’sAvengers Villain Sectors because as I have mentioned in my Upgrade Modules farming method, whenever you complete one, you’ll get a DNA Key.

So, the next step is to get as many DNA Keysand let me tell you that with a decent build, you can complete any Villain Sector in about7 minutes, because you will be playing these on Easy Difficulty since there is no pointto struggle when farming these.

You won’t get more DNA Keys.

The rule here is one per Villain Sector.

Good, so now that we got a lot of DNA Keys, we will be going back to the Elite Tundra Vault and we will play it on Brutal Difficulty.

Why? Because we want to maximize the rewards fromthe DNA Chests and by that, I mean the Upgrade Modules.

Remember that each DNA Chest you unlock onBrutal Difficulty contains 15 Upgrade Modules.

So in the Elite Tundra Vault Mission, althoughyou can pick any other Vault Mission, if you pick this one you’ll have to find 4 DNAChests.

The first one is behind the large gate infront of the starting point, on a platform on the left side.

The second one is further north-west insidea small building which is very well protected and requires you to solve a small puzzle.

Here you will also find a gold chest.

The next one is north-east close on top ofa tower very close to a big antenna.

It can be on the last floor or below.

And finally, we have another one which wasactually mentioned by one of my subs, behind the elite enemy in this region and the areawhere you have to save a hostage.

Just fly north and you will find it closeto the mountain and in front of a small AIM Base.

Now as you probably saw while looting thesechests, we basically got 60 Upgrade Modules simply by looting 4 DNA Chests but keep inmind that in my video, I focus only on them, but if you want to get more upgrade modulesyou can do it simply by checking all objectives Jarvis marks for you.

On top of those Upgrade Modules, we also gotpatterns and Units.

Since because of the glitch, we can farm unlimitedDNA Keys it means that we can open as many DNA Chests, we want and some of them willcontain patterns.

And honestly, that’s the best thing becauseyou also get modules, units, and obviously polychoron.

Now for the second part of this video, let’shead back to the Chimera and identify the patterns we got.

As you can guess the more outfits you haveunlocked the lower will be your chance to get new ones when you identify new patterns.

It’s quite normal.

So as you can see we have 4 patterns we gotfrom the DNA Chests.

The first one is a duplicate, the second oneis a new Outfit for Black Widow, then the third one is another duplicate and the finalone is a new outfit for Iron Man.

Not too bad right? Right, and if you remember while farming thoseDNA Chests, we also got a lot of units.

So let’s go back to Chastity and as youcan see she has a lot of Cosmetic Items she sells.

Including Legendary outfits, emotes, nameplates, and other goodies.

But here comes the trick.

Chastity’s inventory can be refreshed wheneverwe want simply by following the same rule of day reversing.

So without closing the game, we go back tothe dashboard, then back to setting and then to date and time.

Here we reverse the time by one day and whenwe return to Chastity we can see that she sells new items.

Items we can buy with the units we have farmedwhile farming polychoron, DNA Keys, Modules and Patterns.

And now you can buy any outfit you are missing, and if you can’t see it, all you have to do is to change the date.

Keep doing that and basically force-rotateChastity’s inventory but keep in mind that in order for her to change the inventory you’llhave to exit her shop.

This is quite important.

And that’s it, now you can buy any itemyou want, you can farm patterns and before we wrap this one up, three things I want tomention.

First, yes you can go online anytime you wantbut if you do this, you’ll waste time.

Second, yes you can find legendary patternsand epic patterns from DNA Chests.

And third, no you will not get banned.

So that’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed thisvideo and if you have questions, as usual, I will be here waiting for them.

Until next time, thank you for watching, havefun and stay safe!.

Kathyn Bernardo's Sexiest and Most Stylish Outfits in Pants | Preview 10 | PREVIEW

Former Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo has tried a myriad of trends throughout her career as an actress.

But her personal style has definitely bloomed in recent years.

Her sophisticated, elegant and subtly sexy dress code has cemented her status as one of Manila's best dressed.

Welcome to Preview 10, where we list down the 10 most talked about and interesting moments in fashion, beauty, culture and entertainment.

We literally saw Kathryn Bernardo grow up on screen.

From her dramatic role in the remake of hit TV series “Mara Clara” To the popular cult teen film “She's Dating the Gangster”, with long-time boyfriend Daniel Padilla, and just recently, the box office and critically acclaimed hit, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” just last year, Kathryn has proven to be a versatile and talented actress on TV and film.

Though her journey started out like any other Pinay leading lady she gravitated towards dainty ultra feminine frocks and pastel hues early in her career.

Her personal style has come into her own now she opts for sleek body-hugging dresses in crisp silhouettes, sophisticated and more grown-up embellished gowns and coordinated suits that show off her toned midriff.

She has made trousers as part of her style DNA and we couldn't get enough of the many ways Kath has shown that wearing a pair of pants could be feminine androgynous at times but also so classy and sexy.

Here we round up Kathryn's 10 most stylish and sexy outfits in pants.

Number 10 We're always excited to see what Kath's going to wear every time she visits the Aivee Clinic.

Opting for more casual outfits, the actress still looks polished and put together in her favorite pair of   jeans or trousers.

Two memorable looks instantly come into mind when talking about her Aivee 'fits.

   One is her high-waisted baggy jeans OOTD with the cutest neon blue Prada baguette and this all   black outfit in vintage fit and flare jeans made Kath look so slim and sleek.

Her matte black Chanel Boy handbag made the look even more memorable.

Number 9 We also love the actress's androgynous side when it comes to fashion.

Her trip to Tokyo back in 2019 was extra memorable for this one cool OOTD.

Here we see Kath sport a very man-repelling outfit that you can say is very borrowed from the boys.

We love this cool girl laid-back look with a patterned sweater vest, oversized coat  and baggy black jeans.

Her favorite black Ked's finishing the outfit flawlessly.

Number 8 Wide leg trousers have become part of Kath's style DNA in recent years.

In this outfit, she takes it up a notch with an edgy streetwear twist, wearing it with a long open front top and a black bandeau.

  Her stylist Jan Aranilla actually designed the matching top and bottom set.

Here's what Jan has to say about Kath's evolving style.

“It's been a dream working with Kath.

She's very open-minded   when it comes to fashion.

So she's very involved with her outfits and it's always a collaboration   between her and I.

” We definitely think Kath should try this style combo again in the future.

Number 7 As they say, when in Rome wear your best outfit ever! For Kath's OOTD at the famous Trevi Fountain, which generated half a million likes on Instagram by the way,    she opted for a dark green jumpsuit nipped at the waist with a black belt and paired   with chunky combat boots, while her page boy hat shielded her face from the sun.

The icing on top   of this lust-worthy look? Her quilted Lady Dior bag that just looks exquisite in all her snaps.

Number 6 Kathryn has mastered wearing monochromatic outfits.

In this dreamy custom atelier Patty Ang suit, Kath flaunts the color pink like no other.

Matching her makeup to her pink   pantsuit, that's embellished with the designer's signature ostrich feather trim, the actress   definitely made head's turn when she arrived in this look for the 2019 ABS-CBN Christmas special.

The silhouette also makes Kath look visibly taller and slimmer, not that she needs to be.

Number 5 You can say that this is Kath's go-to style formula that wows.

The actress has perfected   looking flawlessly sophisticated and cool, in a matching blazer and pants   with a basic white cropped tee.

Of course, her abs are front and center and punctuate the look even further.

These two candy colored outfits definitely stand out.

Kathryn's stylists Kim and Boop Yap   tell Preview the secret to pulling off a look like this.

“The best and safest way to pull off a pant   and blazer jacket look is to keep it monochromatic.

This way it will look cohesive and balanced.

Just make sure that the blazer jacket paired would be the exact same shade.

” True enough the morena's warm tan looks even better in these pastel outfits.

And in another OOTD she steps out in pastel pink   in a very unexpected way.

And wears pink paper bag waist trousers with a fiery red sleeveless top.

A color combination that is both runway and  Princess Diana approved.

This look is actually   one of Kim and Boop Yap's favorite outfits on the actress, too.

Number 4 Kathryn undeniably loves a flattering pair of high-waisted jeans.

For this fun shoot for her Instagram photographed by Shaira Luna, Kathryn channels her inner flower child wearing light blue denims and a nude ribbed tank top.

Herr brown hair styled in very loose blow-dried waves for an even dreamier and sexier look.

The outfit looks like it came straight out of a '70s photobook and were obsessed.

Number 3 For this 2015 Preview editorial feature on Kath's longtime makeup artist Denise Go Ochoa   her stylists Kim and Boop Yap put her in a shoulder bearing and form-fitting neoprene jumpsuit to   complement Denise's all black ensemble.

Though only headshots made it to the printed magazine   we still think that the behind-the-scenes photos snapped by Kim and Boop prove how head-to-toe   white looks so good on Kath.

Here's what Kim and Boop has to say about Kathryn's love for pants.

“Kathryn started to gravitate towards trousers and pants because of comfort and practicality.

Pants in general don't restrict your movement as opposed to dresses and skirts.

”  In a more casual OOTD styled by Kim and Boop, Kath wears all white again but this time with   a sporty twist.

The actress wears a breezy light jacket over a sports bra and her signature wide leg trousers.

And of course Kathryn'skiller abs are front and center in this OOTD.

Number 2 This outfit proves that wide-leg trousers are a petite girl's best friend.

Paired with sky-high platform heels.

hidden and not seen of course, they give an illusion of covetable long legs.

Kim and Boop tell Preview, “for Kath semi-flared and wide-leg pants make her legs look long and statuesque.

While tailored trousers accentuate her beautiful figure.

” For the Preview Best Dressed dinner back in September 2019, Kath wore an orange suit by designer Rosenthal Tee and definitely made   jaws drop when she entered Manila Pen.

Her best accessory though must be her equally stylish   partner Daniel Padilla, who brought the much needed rock and roll swag to the night.

Number 1 For Daniel Padilla's birthday party, Kath surprised everyone   when she decided to wear the most daring blazer and trousers outfit combination yet.

   Opting to wear only a white bandeau top, the  shortest and most revealing to date, under her   checkered blazer, the actress turned heads in this look that was all grown up, sexy but still   so undeniably sophisticated.

If this outfit was an indication of things to come it proved that   Kathryn would rock even more memorable pantsuit looks that will eventually make her a style icon.

One thing is certain about Kathryn's love for pants: she rocks any outfit combination in them and   has proven that leading ladies don't need all the frills to make a fashion statement.

For Kathryn why only dress like a princess if you can rock  a pair of pants to be your own prince charming?.

The Most Expensive Outfits Ivanka Trump Has Ever Worn

ivanka trump is known for many things her role in the white house her marriage to jared kushner her relationship with her father and more despite the politics and the drama ivanka is arguably most known for her expensive style here are the most expensive outfits she's ever worn ivanka trump has been known to travel internationally with her father as part of his white house entourage and she has stunned while doing so during a trip to the united kingdom ivanka attended an evening with her father the u.

s ambassador to the uk robert wood johnson and prince charles and camilla according to the daily mail ivanka looked beautiful in an off-white gown that featured a dramatic shoulder design and brooch and she paired the look with pumps a clutch and gorgeous earrings here are the cost details the dress called the cora from london-based label sophia set the first daughter back about 1 600 the shoes which featured crystals in the design were from designer jimmy choo and cost about 860 dollars the price of ivanka's earrings was not disclosed but we can imagine given the designer nature of her look that they cost a pretty penny she topped off the look with a sleek bun hairstyle and classic makeup ivanka trump pulled out all the stops for her father's first official state dinner in the white house and if you thought that a dress worth sixteen hundred dollars was a lot brace yourselves for this occasion ivanka opted for a pink tool gown from designer rodarte that set her back 12 880 as reported by yahoo life the dress was reportedly crafted to swath the figure and featured soft ruffles a boat neckline and a v-shaped design in the back the focal point of the gown was the floral embellishment located at the waistline which bled into the multi-tiered skirt as yahoo put it save it for the most elegant of occasions and ivanka did just that just like so many other fashion choices pant suits have become surprisingly political in recent years and ivanka trump opted for one such powerful look while at the 2019 milken institute global conference in beverly hills california while at the event she opted for a powder blue pantsuit by the designer parteau as noted by aol and looked right in line with the conference's panel which included advisors from lockheed corporation visa and alphabet let's break down the outfit the blazer alone was 1 895 the flared leg trousers that accompanied the suit were 1 54 giving the suit as a whole a 3 40 price tag she paired the look with a white button-up blouse and a pair of black suede pumps from designer john vito rossi which set her back 675 to top off a very expensive day look ivanka chose to go with big loose curls and minimal jewelry only going for a pair of stud earrings and of course her wedding band ivanka trump's trip to the united kingdom really saw her go for broke and we can't blame her and from the looks of it the first daughter did some digging into the go-to designers of the uk's royal ladies as she channeled one of kate middleton's favorites while in london in 2019 while attending a ceremony at westminster abbey ivanka wore an ensemble by designer alessandra rich a favorite of middleton and her sister pippa as noted by the evening standard ivanka made sure to stick to the royal dress code and opted for a more modest look the alessandra rich design featured a white skirt with pleated details and a peplum style jacket and ivanka paired the look with a decadent crystal belt at the waist in pure london style ivanka wore a fascinator and kept her blonde hair straight and neat now for the cost the skirt was a modest 1 109 and the jacket was a cute 2021 bringing the total to the alessandra rich design to 3 130 it seems that most ladies are prepared to spend a pretty penny on their wedding dress and ivanka trump was no exception while some modern brides might have channeled sophie's dress from mamma mia or even carrie bradshaw's gorgeous look from sex in the city ivanka opted for a grace kelly inspired design her gown for the celebratory day was a custom-made vera wang design which featured three quarter length sleeves and layers upon layers of chantilly and leon lace as noted by pop sugar the dress weighed about 50 pounds and was stitched together by 28 seamstresses the cost well the dress itself was estimated to set ivanka back or her father depending on who was paying about 50 000 but that's not even the half of it as noted by the cut ivanka wore 220 000 worth of jewelry on the big day yes you heard that correctly let's break it down the earrings made of diamond and platinum were worth 130 000 on their own she then opted for a 90 000 diamond bracelet and then of course a wedding band to seal the deal while on a trip to the united kingdom to support her father at a business roundtable with industry professionals from both the united states and the uk ivanka opted for a gorgeous skirt from designer label burberry which featured soft pleats a spotted print and a knee-length hemline as noted by express she paired the skirt with a coordinated blouse also from burberry that featured a pussycat bow detail and if she didn't have enough burberry throughout her look she topped it off with a pair of the label's pumps so let's go through the prices the skirt was one thousand one hundred and two dollars on its own and the blouse was the same price the shoes were seven hundred and thirteen dollars so all together the burberry ensemble was almost three thousand dollars although ivanka trump has made a habit of wearing new designs fairly often she did recycle this look from 2019.

ivanka wore the skirt in 2020 and paired it with a modest black sweater and heels she showed off the fresh take on the burberry skirt in a photo taken to celebrate her husband on father's day we love an outfit repeater it's tough to walk on grass and heels but that didn't seem to deter ivanka trump when she walked across the white house lawn to board marine one for camp david back in 2018.

the first daughter opted for a pair of 1 490 oscar de la renta high-waisted trousers for the occasion according to the daily mail and she paired the pants with a timeless white top the pants themselves caused quite a stir given how much extra material there was at the end of each pant leg despite ivanka pairing them with classic black stiletto heels and even the daily mail conceded that her shoes were most likely sinking into the ground a fate that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy ivanka paired the effortless look with a pair of sunglasses and wore her straight blonde hair in her classic middle part if she has a tip for walking on soggy grass and five inch heels we'd love to hear it since entering the white house ivanka trump has led a number of initiatives including the women's global development and prosperity initiative and advocacy work for fair opportunity for working parents but the outfit she chose while attending an event with working parents at the white house back in 2018 may have missed the mark just slightly for the occasion ivanka chose a white-fitted dress from designer amelia wickstead that cost two thousand one hundred and ten dollars as reported by express the dress featured a high neckline a fitted bodice and black button detailing she paired it with a chanel purse a pair of black sunnies black stilettos and of course her classic straight hairstyle with a middle part and while we fully admit that she looked absolutely beautiful the cost of the dress alone was more than what most working parents pay in rent per month in the united states while on the job in september 2019 ivanka trump wore army green in one expensive look while on a trip in bogota colombia to visit female police cadets at the general santander national police academy insider reports that ivanka's khaki green joanna ortiz dress was worth about one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars the dress was a bold choice according to the product description the dress was quote made from comfortable cotton blend fabric and dyed a deep force green hue with crisscrossing ties at the waist and a voluminous skirt with a dramatic flounced hem the first daughter paired the statement look with muted pumps and her chopped bob haircut due to the high profile nature of the visit with the female cadets ivanka took to instagram to describe the work she was doing abroad saying these courageous women have all overcome significant hardships to be where they are today like colombia they are not looking backward they are looking forward unfortunately ivanka's words weren't what was best remembered by her trip during her time in colombia wind caught the sleeves of her dress bringing them up near her neck making for an awkward ivanka trump moment seen by millions the g20 summit is known as a meeting place for foreign leaders but ivanka trump has also made it a platform for high fashion while attending the 2019 summit with her father in japan ivanka turned heads in a valentino dress according to express the designer dress was made from a light pink silk that was adorned with a delicate print it featured a hind neckline and bell-shaped sleeves now for the cost the valentino dress alone set ivanka back more than 3 600 in classic ivanka trump's style she paired the look with a white belt at the waist and wore her straight hairstyle with a metal part but in a deviation from her go-to natural makeup look she opted for a bolder pink lip and darker eye makeup in a room full of world leaders ivanka clearly knew what to wear in order to stand out from the crowd while on a trip to ethiopia to launch a women's global development and prosperity initiative called 2x africa as reported by nbc news ivanka trump revisited designer amelia wickstead while meeting with the country's president saleh works zaude she opted for a bold floral printed dress that featured a high neckline a collar button detailing and long sleeves the dress was worth 1 65 the dress is described as having quote loose bell sleeves with ruffle trim that mirror the swinging movement of the full skirt to stay cool and potentially high temperatures the dress was made of 100 linen she finished the look with a pair of white pumps and of course her sleek long hair parted down the middle [Music] writing about her work on her instagram account ivanka said that the trip left her looking forward to a continued partnership with the country she wrote i reflect on the many impressive ethiopian and african union leaders and entrepreneurs that are proactively seeking to advance women's economic empowerment check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more list videos about first family outfits are coming soon subscribe to our youtube channel and hit the bell so you don't miss a single one.

8 Outfit Ideas for Men's Waxed Cotton Jackets

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette.

In today’s video, we’ll be sharing 8 outfitideas you can wear with a waxed cotton jacket.

Now before we dive into these 8 great outfitsyou can wear with a waxed jacket, let me first share with you the history of what a waxedcotton jacket is.

Now the 15th-century mariners would coat thesails on their boats with fish oil and with grease.

This was done for more efficiency and weatherand kept the sails light in wet weather.

Now did you know that the worn-down remnantsof these sails were cut down for capes to keep the mariners dry? These are the beginnings of the fisherman’sslicker.

From 1795, Francis Webster Ltd.

was one ofthe best at adding linseed oil to flax sails.

By the mid-1920s the fabric was sent to Webstersto be woven and then it would be sent to Lancashire County to be dyed in black or olive green.

Now this produced the cloth that was water-resistant, breathable, and didn’t have a yellowing effect as it aged.

Then it was sent to London to be treated withcopper ammonia afterward the fabric is sent back to Lancashire County for waxing.

In 2005, refined hydrocarbon waxed was developedto better replace the copper ammonia treatment which is causing a really strong scent.

Over the years we’ve seen a large interestin waxed cotton coming from the commercial shipping industry.


Barbour and Sons was an early adapter inthe outdoor industry.

They made the waxed cotton jackets for farmersand for gamekeepers.

Belstaff gained a lot of popularity as motorcyclesarose as a means of transportation.

Waxed cotton was adapted as the first choiceof waterproof clothing for the British Armed Forces in World War II.

Alright, now that we’re up to speed withthe history of waxed cotton, let’s dive into some great outfits you can wear witha waxed cotton jacket: Outfit number 1: Patterned pants with a neutralshirt.

The boldness of the patterned pants drawsimmediate attention however the neutrality of the shirt and the jacket brings balanceinto the entire outfit.

Now adding something quirky is just a littlebit out of the norm to your outfit is just a great way to add new life into your waxedcotton jacket.

Outfit number 2: Gray pants with a patternedshirt.

Now, gray pants aren’t an easy choice formany to want to wear because of the ease of both blending it to casual or professionalattire.

The patterned shirt will bring something newand refreshing to the viewer as the jacket and neutral pants could repair other blendson their own.

Now it’s beneficial to consider a colorchoice that compliments both jacket and pants in this outfit.

The charcoal gray dress pants that I choseworks well in the entire outfit and keeps it elevated and professional looking as opposedto wearing chino or a pair of jeans in this particular setting.

The small checks within the pattern of thepurple shirt are not too busy or too whimsical and although they allow for visual interest, they keep things professional as well.

Now our third outfit: Dark wash denim witha lightweight sweater.

Now wearing a dark wash jeans is a great wayto maintain the casual appearance of the entire outfit and help bring out the casualness ofthe waxed cotton jacket as well.

Now try to remember to keep your denim choicefree of too much whiskering or seam details; this will take away from the clean look ofthe entire outfit and also will take away from the timelessness of your entire outfit.

Now the lightweight sweater has the capabilityof elevating and also brightening the entire appearance of the otherwise outdoorsy waxedcotton jacket.

Now once you remove your jacket, the sweaterand the denim will be able to complement one another effortlessly.

The bright color I chose to wear today complementsthe dark denim very well and it also provides a nice contrast to the dark jacket I choseto wear.

Outfit number 4: Chino pants and a patternedsports shirt.

Chino pants are convenient pant options toown especially in colors like stone, tan, green, or even navy.

Now as the waxed cotton jacket I’m wearingtoday is black, for contrast, I chose to wear tan cotton chino pants and the patterned shirtI’m wearing also complements the chino pants once the jacket is removed as well.

Outfit number 5: Dark turtleneck sweater andneutral dress pants.

Now wearing a turtleneck over a casual jacketor a blazer is not a new concept but the juxtaposition of wearing an outdoorsy jacket like the waxedcotton jacket with a turtle neck blends together wonderfully then adding the neutral dresspants elevates everything and allows everything to look complete.

The turtleneck is not too thick and thereforeis comfortably worn under the jacket without looking or feeling too bulky.

The neutral colored dress pants that I choseto wear have a very small check pattern inside of them and its soft color helps brightenthe rest of the outfit as the shoes, jacket, and turtleneck are all quite dark.

Outfit number 6 is going to be a V-neck sweaterwith a dress shirt, tie, and also dress pants.

Now, this is the harmonious way we’ll beable to blend a business casual outfit with a rustic outwear element.

Depending on what your waxed cotton jacketlooks like in terms of length, color, and different embellishments, you may decide youprefer to not wear a tie or to wear a different sweater or no sweater at all.

It’s always best to keep an open mind butin the end, do what’s best for you in your outfit.

In this outfit, you can confidently entera workplace and not feel too underdressed due to the outerwear.

The waxed cotton jacket provides insulationand water resistance.

The multiple layers worn in this outfit helpadd a little more depth to the overall outfit and the tie I chose to wear is from Fort Belvedere.

For some other great tie options which youcan incorporate in your own outfits, check them out at the Fort Belvedere shop.

(link in description box) Outfit number 7: Wearing a patterned sweateror a denim shirt.

Now the denim shirt and patterned sweatercombination will add warmth to the entire outfit.

Try adding a favorite watch or a ring to furtherpersonalize your outfit.

The light sweater I chose to wear happensto have a lot of shades of blue and some gray woven inside.

All different neutrals would have would allhelp complement the dark washed jeans.

Now, this outfit can also be worn with off-whitedenim, tan chino pants, and a bold earth tone colored green pants as well.

Last but not least, our 8th outfit: a denimshirt, with off-white pants.

This outfit is great for a casual outing especiallyif you’re wearing a black, navy, gree, or khaki cotton waxed jacket.

The tone of the light denim shirt will brightenup the tone of your outfit especially when worn with a black or an olive green waxedjacket.

The off-white pants option also helps brightenup the outfit especially when paired with a nice boot, or cap of your choosing.

Now that we have reviewed some amazing outfitsyou can wear with a waxed cotton jacket, let’s look at some of the best times of the yearto wear this jacket: Cooler temperatures always provide the besttime to wear a waxed cotton jacket.

The reason is, spring, fall, and the beginningof winter depending on your location is always going to provide you the best opportunityto take advantage of the water resistance, and the subtle insulation these jackets provide.

Certain brands and styles offer more paddingand insulation than others and some may provide more of a shell to provide against moisture, for example, when out fishing.

Three popular styles from the Barbour brandhappen to be the Barbour Ashby Waxed Jacket, the Barbour Classic Beaufort Waxed Jacket, and the Bedale Waxed Jacket.

Now the waxed cotton jacket is essentiallya three-season jacket but depending on your intention and needs.

While shopping for your jacket, it’s importantto keep temperature and style in mind.

Now will you be actually wearing your jacketfor outdoor activities or will you also be wearing this as more of a fashion statementand to pay homage to a timeless style? Once you have answered those for yourself, make sure you shop around and find the best quality and find the best jacket that fitsyou.

Remember, if you’re uncomfortable with whatyour wearing, it is going to show.

Remember, don’t feel the need to wear aparticular jacket from a certain brand simply because of its popularity.

Finding what works best for you is alwaysideal whether that comes from a vintage shop or a high-end store.

Alright, now that you have style ideas andyou know what best season to wear your waxed cotton jacket, what color should you be purchasing? Typically, what many of us think of when weenvision a waxed cotton jacket we think of black or dark olive green.

And although this is correct in terms of many, many factories will produce, we are now starting to see more options in terms of color — wesee tan, navy, and sometimes even plaid.

Now if you’re new to the world of waxedcotton jackets, it’s important to probably find something that will offer more stabilityin your outfits like a green, or black option.

However, if you already got something goodfoundational colors like that in your wardrobe, feel free to go ahead and have some fun andexperiment with a different color, or perhaps a pattern.

Now here are the three don’ts of waxed cottonjacket ownership: 1.

Don’t dry clean.

This can damage the pressing and heat involvedand also, a lot of the different chemicals that might be used at the dry cleaners usuallywon’t cooperate to well with the wax.


Don’t machine wash your waxed cotton jacket.

Now a good alternative to cleaning your waxedcotton jacket would be to wash it by hand.

Over time you might also find that you shouldbe reapplying a cotton wax on your jacket.


Do not wash your waxed cotton jacket withwarm water.

The reason that this is important is thatin doing so, you’ll be releasing the protective coating on your jacket.

Now, how do you best care for your waxed cottonjacket? It’s important to know that waxed cottonjackets usually need an annual re-waxing.

Over time, the friction of consistent wearwill cause the wax to break down.

Re-waxing is best performed during the summermonths due to the naturally warmer temperature.

It is, therefore, much easier to spread arounddue to how soft it is.

Now when the wax is warmed, you can then applyit to small areas with a soft cloth.

Although much time has passed since it’screation, many of the original ways of how it’s first enjoyed are still enjoyed today.

The resurgence in recent years has a moreclassic style, offers a great opportunity to re-introduce this element of style intoour wardrobes and this element offers many different benefits that will last for yearsto come.

Now the bold, gingham patterned shirt thatI’m wearing is navy blue and white, and I love the fact that the neutral colors inthis shirt complement the jacket so effortlessly.

This shirt can be tucked in or left untuckedfor a more casual approach.

And the all-black Chelsea boots that I’mwearing help finish off the entire outfit and pair nicely with the jacket.


FALL LOOKBOOK 🍁 *outfit ideas!*

Hey y'all my name is Raven, and welcometo my channel! Today I'm doing something I've neverdone before—I'm doing a Fall lookbook.

So over the years my fashion has evolved alot, and I'm really excited to share some things with you all that I've collectedduring the last couple of months.

A lot of these outfits are like, very instyle right now, but some of them are also just like old pieces that I hadthat I'm trying to repurpose and reuse.

So for the first outfit I recently gotthis black and white mini skirt.

And I'm pairing it with thisjust like plain gray turtleneck that I gotactually when I was in South Korea.

A lot of the stuff in this lookbook I got whenI was in South Korea.

This is just like a really nice, reallyclassic ensemble to put together, and you can add morebits and pieces to make it pop.

If you're in more cold weather I would suggestputting a nice long coat over it.

And since it is sortof a more basic outfit, you can get really creative with the coats.

So thisis like a really nice sort of gray undertone blue coat that I feellike goes really well with this outfit.

And it's a pop of color.

It's notsomething that you see every day.

When you see folks wearing long coatsthey're normally neutral colors, so it's nice to have this little, you know, fun little something.

So if you're in a colder climate you can putsome really thick tights under it like these babies *cartoon boing noise*.

And then for shoes I got these really cute black booties when I was in SouthKorea.

They are just so flattering.

Or if youwanted to give it more of like a grungy edge, you could add theseindustrial boots.

I actually got these when I was up in Ithaca (New York) at schoolbecause it's so freaking cold.

Like you can seelook how worn out they are.

But this is just a nice sort of more edgy vibe toadd to it otherwise sort of sweet preppy look.

For this next look I want it to look like a pink unicorn barfed all over myface and my body.



So that's what we're going for.

So I havethis super cute pink magenta color dress for this outfit.

And then I alsohave this sort of like mock neck top to go under the dress withthis cute little like kissy detail on the front of it.

Tomake this outfit a little more warm you could add some sheer tights to it.

Ithink black tights would contrast a bit too much since it's already like a lotgoing on with the colors, so a more like nude type for your skin tonewould be great.

So to go with this outfit I paired itwith a long pink coat.

Like so like that.

I know it's a lot of pink, but look I did say it's gonna look like a unicornbarfed all over me, and I feel like that's exactly what I'm delivering.




take it or leave it.

I've just really been obsessed with long coats lately.

Ifeel like they're so flattering and so elegant and beautiful and, I don't know sometimes you just gotta make a statement honey.

If there's acolor you're feeling, for me clearly it was pink, then go for it.

Andthen to go with this outfit i just paired it with some basic white tennisshoes.

This next outfit is a little more grungy, and that's not normally something that I do.

But I don'treally know what my aesthetic is.

I'm still shopping around for it, sowhy not.

I got this super cute black skirtrecently, and it has this fun like chain detail on it.

And then I have thislike super old black turtleneck that I'vebeen wearing for the longest.

It has actually lint all over it right now.

Hopefully I'll take care of that before I film the video (I didn't).

And then on top of that to give it more edge, since it does look a little flatwith just all the black, I decided to put a fun pop of color onit.

I have this cute turquoise like hand-me-down tank top that my grandmagave to me, so I just threw that over it.

I thought it looked kind of fun.

You knowit's not super tight, it kind of floats on me, so it's a coollook.

And then I also had this super cute sort of likeparty top like half tank thing that says “It's your loss baby” on it.

And then beyond those two tank tops, Ireally feel like you could add anything.

You could add a crew neck on top, you could add a tank top on top, and I think it would also look super duper cute.

With this outfit you could also put on the black leggings.

And then for the shoes I just put on those black booties again.

So this next look is like all cream because I've been seeing black womenwith darker complexions doing like an all-white or an all-cream look, and Ithink it's so beautiful and so flattering.

And, I'm notas blessed with that much melanin, but I still think it's a great look so Ithought I would share one cream outfit.

So I got these pants also when I was inSouth Korea.

I really love these pants because they have this really fun likeyou can see like the stitching on the back.

I just think, like, an all cream lookis so classy and so cute right now.




dEfInItElY a ViBe.

And then I paired itwith this crew neck that says f*cking awesome on it.

And it's likethree guys just walking.

I think because the cream outfit is sortof more like basic it's nice to have a little pop like that.

So a cool graphic, especially like this if it's a darker font, would go reallywell with this kind of outfit.

So for shoes with this outfit I decided to pairit with Timbs.

These brown Timbs are just really nicereally sturdy, and they add more of an industrial lookto it.

Or if you wanted to elevate the look a little bit and make it moreclassy you could also put the black bootieswith it.

I paired the black booties with this outfit because the black likematches the black in the sweater, so it kind of ties in togethereven though it's sort of a harsh contrast with the cream.

For this last look it's like very much on brand right now.

Everyone is wearing these super cute like little tennis skirts.

I'm actuallykind of late to the trend, but here we are.

This one's really great because it has a little skort underneath it.

So it's not just, you know, your cookies flying in the wind.

Though that's nice to havea breeze, but you know sometimes you want your cookiesto be a little more secure.

That's all I'm saying.

And thenyou can play around with this so much.

In this first pairing Iput it with sort of this tan turtleneck andthis super cute like little camisole sweater thing that my grandma gave to me.

So you can style it like that, or you could put a really nice, you know, buttondown on top of the turtleneck.

Or you couldjust wear it with you know just a button down and noturtleneck at all.

But of course the more layers you havethe warmer it will be.

So it's really up to you, you can play around a lot withthis.

And then for shoes you also have a lotof options.

I paired it with my Timbs to sort of offset like the super sweetgirly look.

But you could also just pair it withsome basic white tennis shoes, and I think that would also look super dupercute.

All right y'all that's all that I havefor you today.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video.

Before you go don't forget to like and subscribe because I make videos everyweek twice a week as a full-time student.




can I—can I get a little somethin' somethin'? Okay.

Let me know in the comments downbelow if you gained something from this video.

Maybe some inspiration for yournext outfit or for your next pop out at some point this year when we canleave the house, safely.

Okay that's all for me, I'll see you allin a couple of days and until then take care.

Bye! (:.

11 CLEVER Outfit Tricks to INSTANTLY Look More STYLISH!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] i think it's safe to say that nowadays you can find hand sanitizer anywhere how's that a style hack because you can use it to get rid of stains seriously the high alcohol content is going to help to neutralize the stain stop it from setting give

you time to run it under water so if it's an ink stain it's a blood stain it's a coffee stain you've got hand sanitizer you are in business next up on our list learn to tie a scarf in a fun and creative way because the reality is most

guys are doing the exact same thing they're going for that wrap around look which yeah gets the job done but really come on you can do better first up we've got the parisian knot as you can see this one incredibly simple easy to learn how to tie what

i like about this if you've got a longer scarf this is going to do a great job using the material and it does a decent job of protecting the neck next up we've got the four in hand and this should not be confused with the forward hand when

tying a necktie it's a very different knot but when you look at it overall the style something unique something that you're gonna have to practice a few times but once you get it you've got it and this is just a great looking knot it's going to have you

standing out from the crowd and if you want something really unique look at the reverse drape cross what i love about this one is when you wear you're pretty much going to be the only guy wearing it does a great job of going around the neck keeping you

warm it works great whether you've got a medium length scarf or a longer scarf overall a great knot that's going to keep you warm and have you looking good now this next tip super ninja for any guy that wants to look a little bit taller match your belt

with your trousers now let me be clear you don't have to match exactly you want to go for a low contrast look with your belt and your trousers you don't want to go for the high contrast look so what am i talking about here what kind of witchcraft

is this what we're doing here gents is that we're playing with proportions we're basically lengthening your leg line therefore making it look taller now a lot of times you do this without even thinking about it wear those dark colored jeans you wear that dark colored belt now if

you like to wear lighter colored trousers tans khakis you like to go for a light gray this is where you're going to want to have some belts in lighter colors because most belts old are going to be of a dark color and that's not what you're looking for

now speaking of belts really quick i want to introduce you to the sponsor of today's video anson belt and buckle now gents i've been singing the praises of anson belt and buckle for almost a decade seriously check out this video right here my third video i put on

youtube in 2011 i'm here talking about anson belt and buckle they didn't pay me any money for this i simply loved their product and here nine years later i still love and use their product why well i break it down into three simple reasons so first up let's

talk about interchangeability you guys know i've talked about the interchangeable wardrobe the idea to own less clothing and to get more miles from it because everything works with everything else well guess what we've got three straps here three buckles they're going to work all with each other you

have nine different belt combinations what i love about this like i talked about going with the light colored straps going with the dark colored traps you can simply take one buckle when you're traveling and you can simply change it up and you take less items less weight and

i love things like that or simply a strap doesn't work anymore it gets bent out of shape you've used it for over a year you decide hey i want to upgrade i want to change it out but i love this buckle the buckle is still functional just go

and buy another strap that's what i love about interchangeable pieces is you don't have to waste you simply have different outfit options and you own less clothing next up let's talk about their micro adjust technology basically these belts are holes this is a great advantage why because you

don't have to worry about adjusting just to an inch right here you can adjust to a quarter of an inch so you're going to get a more comfortable fit in addition this better distributes the weight and overall you get a belt that's just going to fit you better

and third let's talk about options if you could imagine a strap material a strap color most likely they've got it oh and hot off the press they've got this new invincibelt collection that is made with a tpu coated webbing basically these belts are really tough so they're going

to be waterproof they're going to be scratch resistant they're going to be wear resistant they're not going to transfer any type of color if you're looking for a belt that's going to be able to last you one that you can really run through the ringer this is the

belt you've been waiting for that being said if you're looking for the best deal i recommend the box set this is a great gift because the cool thing is you get to adjust these belts you cut them to fit your size and gents everything you buy from ants

and belt and buckle comes beautifully packaged remember free shipping on every order over 35 bucks and they've got a lifetime guarantee gents i'm looking to anson belt and buckle down in the description of today's video go check them out an awesome company i'm proud to support them i've

known these guys for years they are the real deal family-owned business here in the united states with amazing customer service go check them out guys use that link down in the description next up gents let's talk about shaving and we're not talking about shaving your face this right

here is a sweater shaver so if you've ever had a sweater that you pull out because you know it's been in storage all summer and it's got that pilling on it it's got that excess fuzz you want to get rid of that you want that sweater to look

like new then you go over it with a sweater shaver but i know not everyone's going to have one of these but what you do have is a cheap razor disposable razors that preferably have not been used guess what you go ahead and you shave that sweater when

you go over it and just wear the sweater and you go over and you remove all that pilling it is going to remove it and does a great job just make sure that you use a fresh disposable razor now as i've got the razor out here let's talk

about a couple quick shaving hacks first up you don't have any shaving cream go down into your kitchen and grab a cooking oil olive oil perfect you don't want to use it again and again it could start to irritate the skin although some people swear by it point

being is put that olive oil on and go ahead and go for a shave now speaking of shaving how do you actually get rid of that razor burn so one of the things i see men making this mistake again and again is they have no technique and when

they shave they go with really big long strokes like that don't do that when you're shaving you want to go over with really small strokes and you never want to hit the same area twice and if you do you want to put on some more shaving cream or

shaving oil whatever it may be or use them in combination which is actually best point being never shave over an area that's already been shaved over once that doesn't have a lubricant to protect the skin this right here is what drives your skin crazy and when you do

those really big long strokes you end up cutting yourself you don't have nearly as much control so again reduce the size of the stroke and never go over an area that you've already gone over once that doesn't have protection on it anymore now about once a month i

get the question antonio how do you store your pocket squares i know you've got a lot of them and that's true i also have a lot of jackets and that's the secret to how i store them so in all of my jackets i put the pocket squares in

there and i just leave them in there pretty much 24 7 because it's easy for me to then go grab a jacket and say you know what all right this is going to work and i've already got a pocket square in there and i try to put in

pocket squares they have a wide variety of different colors they're going to match a wide variety of different shirts different outfits and i make it easy on myself and everything there is ready to go the next clever style hack to look good shine your shoes right after wearing

them seriously keep it under a minute yes i'd love to get in the 10 to 15 minute shoe shine but here's the thing i'm a father of four got to be really practical and i know that if i put those shoes away without cleaning them up i'm going

to forget about them so i shine them really quickly again i've got the polish right there it takes about 45 seconds to a minute per shoe and then boom i'm done i put them into a bag keep them covered keep the dust off them but the point is

shine your shoes right after wearing if you don't have time to iron your shirt well guys throw on the jacket because when you throw on that jacket you button up guess what they don't see any of the uniron shirt except for the collar so make sure that's looking

good right here the front part of the placket and the cuffs by the way gents it doesn't have to be a sports jacket it can be any jacket and a quick reminder that any well-fitted jacket on a man is going to make them look better why because it's

going to build up the shoulders draw attention to the hands and overall give you a leaner profile now when choosing clothing a really quick hack to be able to find a color that's going to work for you look at your eye color so for me i've got dark

brown eyes so i go for dark brown in my jackets and a few other pieces i've got here there those of you guys with blue eyes this is awesome because you want to mimic that color of blue if it's a light blue if it's a deep blue make

sure that maybe you can bring it into your pocket square that you can bring into your shirt people are going to notice when they look at your eyes the blue in the shirt is going to pull it out i know for me a jacket like this just gives

me a little bit more of a dark mysterious look and i've had people give me compliments on this jacket so find something that mimics with your eyes and use it the next tip to instantly look more stylish bring in a casual tie all right here i've got a

woolen necktie very distinctive because if it's napped a very soft surface but you could go with a fun bow tie the point is go with something casual go with something you don't have to wear but you're wearing because you want to stand out and you want to have

fun all right gents so what video to watch next how about the things that you shouldn't be wearing anymore these are out of fashion yeah if you're wearing the things on this list we've got issues guys find out it's a fun video and yeah i'm a link to

it right here so go check it out

How To Look Good WITHOUT Overdoing It | Smart Casual Fall Outfits 2020

– Here's the situation, you need to look put together, but a suit feels too dressed up and a casual outfit feels like not enough.

So what do you do? You go to that in between dress code that we call smart casual.

And in this video, five simple, easy and stylish smartcasual outfit ideas for fall.

(upbeat music) I'm Brian Sacawa and youare watching He Spoke Style where we are dedicated togiving you all the tips, knowledge, and inspirationyou need to dress well, have more confidence andunlock your potential.

All right, for our first look here, we're just going to keep itsuper simple and super classic.

Navy chinos, white shirt, classic combo, and then the light grayflannel sport coat, giving it some polish and seasonal vibes.

So I have to be honest and say that this look is so easy to pull off that it's one, that's easyfor me to forget about when I'm thinking about what to wear, but what it reminds me of when I see it is that you really can never go wrong with those simple men's wear basics in a classic color palette.

And then I'm adding in somebrown accents with the belt and the loafers, greatsmart casual shoe option.

And on my wrist is theCartier Tank American.

Taking the same pair of pants, the navy chinos from the last outfit and changing up the top for asportier and more earthy vibe.

A chambray shirt I love all year round, but especially during the fall.

I think the fabric and thetexture mesh really well with the season, same goes for the jacket, which is in a brown Donegal tweed.

I'm so happy that the weatheris finally getting cooler and I can pull this out again.

It's one of my favorite fall jackets.

Love the suede elbow patch detail, pocket square contrasts a little bit, but also pulls in the blueof the shirt and pants.

And then the leather strapof the watch tying together with the shoes which are by Enzo Bonafe.

All right, raise your hand if you have been waiting tosee a blazer with jeans outfit on this channel.

It's not something I do all the time, but sometimes it just works, depending on the situation.

I think it's important that if you are going to do this look, that you do pay attentionto a couple of things.

Number one, dark denim always looks best, in my opinion, and number two, your jacket should have either a texture like the tweed jacket from the last outfit or a pattern like we havehere with the gun club check.

Those types of elements helpto kind of bridge that gap so you don't have adisconnect between the jacket as the dressy element andthe jeans as the casual.

Another blazer with jeans outfit here and although we don't have a big pattern or texture like a tweed, what we do have is a flannel fabric, which also works well with jeans because of the weight of the fabric and its just overall moreorganic look and feel.

I layered in a V-necksweater here in a light gray, and you can see the progression of color going the dark gray jacketto the lighter gray sweater, and finally to the white of the shirt, which focuses your attentionand frames up my face.

Because of the jeans, I wanted to give this look alittle more of a rugged feel so I added in a feltfedora and finished it off with a pair of leather dress boots.

Going for something lighter and more chic with this outfit here.

You know, we tend to think of white pants as more of a summer style move.

But what I like about wearingthem in the fall and winter is that they're unexpected and it makes a fall or awinter outfit with them just seem really fresh.

I wanted to keep a light andorganic feel with this outfit that was in line with the season, which is why I chose alight gray flannel jacket and the light tan turtleneck.

Now I know a lot of you, likeme, are really looking forward to the colder weather to start wearing those turtlenecks again and I've got a video right over there with 10 different turtleneckoutfits you can try.

It's kind of a differentstyle than this one so click over there, check it out and letme know what you think.


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Một item quần cổ đại ko bao giờ với bất kỳ sự nhăn nhúm, kéo hoặc nhăn. 1 Nếp nhăn điều đó cho thấy rằng một vật phẩm gì đấy quá chặt thường sở hữu hình chữ X và bởi thế nam giới mang thể luôn luôn đề cập “Ồ, sản phẩm gì đó quá chặt ở đây và hưởng thụ buộc phải được đưa ra.” kèm theo phái mạnh có thể Chỉ khiến điều đó trường hợp mang đủ vải để cho ra quần. Trở lại trong ngày, thợ may sẽ giá tiền các chất liệu vải nặng hơn rủ siêu tốt và sẽ hỗ trợ 1 vật phẩm nhìn sạch sẽ đẹp. Hôm nay, bạn bè các loại vải siêu nhẹ do hầu hết mọi người đều cho rằng chúng quá nóng. Mặt trái là các loại vải đấy ngay cả khi chúng là cao cấp, cũng sẽ ko bao giờ bị rủ và nếp nhăn sẽ rõ ràng hơn tầm thường. Do đó, trừ lúc quần của bạn được tùy chỉnh y a thợ may tùy chỉnh vô cùng có kinh nghiệm, thậm chí được thực hiện để đo quần có thể nhìn ra và nhăn thuận tiện bởi vải quá mỏng manh. Do đó, đấy là 1 điều đề nghị ghi nhớ. Phái mạnh cũng muốn ko mang gợn hoặc đường ngang, dọc hoặc chéo trên thắt lưng, trên ghế hoặc trên quần mình. Thỉnh thoảng các gì xảy ra là các chàng trai công sở sở hữu đôi chân có hình chữ x hoặc hình chữ o và điều ấy chiếm hữu thể gây ra nếp nhăn trường hợp quần không được điều chỉnh ái mộ. Đặc điểm thứ nhì của quần vừa vặn là nếp gấp. Nếu quý ông công sở sở hữu 1 trung tâm duy nhất pleat, nó sẽ đi xuống bè phái các cách để giày của nam giới trong 1 lần duy nhất sắc nét nhăn và nó chỉ phải mở ra một chút trên đầu trang. Đó chỉ là một phụ kiện nhìn đẹp và các chàng trai công sở có thể luôn luôn kể ví như một sản phẩm gì đấy là tùy chỉnh được thực hiện bằng nguyên tắc treo nếp gấp. Số nếp gấp thực sự thay đổi với thời trang. Nhị nếp gấp là mưu trí thậm chí một nếp gấp thông thường hơn 1 chút nhiều chủng loại ngay hiện nay. Đôi lúc phái mạnh thấy các người sở hữu ba nếp gấp hoặc thông thường nếp gấp, miễn là khi quý ông ở giữa, phái mạnh sẽ luôn cổ đại và sẽ không bao giờ lỗi mốt. Nếp gấp không giống nhau có ích giả dụ bạn mang 1 người ăn mày phệ như tôi bởi vì nó cho quý ông thêm phòng và bởi vậy thành tựu quần mang thể ôm nam giới trên dây lưng nam mà không quá chật lúc ngồi trên ghế của quý ông công sở. Phần nhiều thời gian, nếp gấp hướng ra không tính chỉ là một phong cách thời trang. Cá nhân tôi nghĩ Sẽ phải chăng hơn trường hợp chúng hướng vào trong do chúng mở ra lúc bạn đi bộ, điều ấy công bình hơn và tôi cũng thấy vẻ thanh lịch hơn. Ba, đường quần trải nghiệm thẳng. Không đòi hỏi nghỉ ở phía trước hoặc ở phía sau bên cạnh số lượng phá vỡ trên giày nam ở phía trước. Hiện tại giả dụ nam giới muốn tò mò thêm về xin vui vẻ xem video của chúng tôi về phá vỡ quần ở đây. Điều vật dụng tư tôi nhìn vào quần là vùng đầu gối do nếu nếp gấp treo thẳng trung tâm ở phía trước và phía sau, phái mạnh biết các chàng trai công sở sở hữu một loại quần được cắt may niềm nở. Giả dụ nó hơi lệch sang 1 bên, bên quanh đó hoặc bên trong, các chàng trai công sở biết một thợ may chỉnh sửa sẽ buộc phải điều chỉnh. Vì thế, khiến cho thế nào phái mạnh với thể đảm bảo bạn với được quần phù hợp? Vâng, đối mang một, bạn chiếm hữu thể đi và khiến chúng ái mộ với một thợ may tùy chỉnh thực sự. Loại ấy cực kỳ đắt Dự luật. Vô cùng ít người sở hữu thể đủ hào kiệt đấy và nó không thực tế đối chiếm hữu toàn thể chúng ta. Cái đó được nói, ngay cả khi bạn mang 1 loại quần mê say, quý ông vẫn có thể tậu không yêu quý quần khác nhau cho cặp thứ 1 và đấy là một giai đoạn mà bạn bắt buộc buộc phải là một phần của và hiểu và không mong đợi kết quả xuất sắc liền. Giả dụ các chàng trai công sở tậu quần quanh đó giá, hãy nhớ rằng chúng sẽ ko bao giờ vừa sở hữu phái mạnh 1 cách có lí và nam giới đòi hỏi đi đến một thợ may thay đổi. Dễ ợt là ko chiếm hữu sự mến mộ lý tưởng bên cạnh giá vì phái mạnh ko đối xứng, bạn là một quả đât và như vậy, luôn có các thay đổi bé dại mà ko bao giờ được lưu ý trong 1 tiêu chuẩn ra khỏi chiến thắng quần rack. Tất nhiên, càng ít chỉnh sửa trong 1 chiến thắng quần thì càng phải chăng. Như vậy, ví như nam giới chiếm hữu 1 nhãn hiệu hoặc 1 sự hâm mộ khía cạnh trong 1 thương hiệu nhưng phái mạnh biết nó hâm mộ mang bạn ko kể eo và sở hữu đủ chỗ cho cặp đùi lớn của phái mạnh, thì phái mạnh bắt buộc gắn bó sở hữu thương hiệu đấy và sau đấy đã thực hiện những thay đổi này bình thường lần, theo xây cất ấy các chàng trai công sở đảm bảo các chàng trai công sở có được 1 sự thương yêu phù hợp mà không hề chi quá bình thường tiền cho 1 thợ may. Bây giờ sửa quần trong một thợ may đổi mới có vẻ thuận lợi và toàn diện trong số họ chỉ làm viền hoặc kéo dài hoặc lấy thắt lưng ra hoặc vào nhưng có lẽ sở hữu khoảng 23 khác nhau những điều quý ông chiếm hữu thể làm cho tùy thuộc vào những nếp nhăn quý ông công sở nhìn thấy và chúng tôi sẽ khiến cho một video riêng về làm cho thế nào để sửa quần để luôn theo dõi! Bất kỳ khi nào quý ông công sở với quần chỉnh sửa, hãy cứng cáp rằng bạn mặc những thành phầm mà nam giới sẽ mặc một lát sau. Với nghĩa là một vành đai, ví như nó mang những vòng đai hoặc treo dây đai giả dụ nó có các nút treo. 1 Đôi giày hoặc giày bốt trường hợp đó là các gì quý ông sẽ mặc với nó sau đó, hoặc mang thể là một đôi giày thuyền ví như các chàng trai công sở nghĩ ấy là các gì nam giới sẽ mặc mang nó. Trên dây thắt lưng, bạn muốn tránh cái gọi là đỉnh muffin. Điều ấy chiếm hữu nghĩa là dây thắt lưng của quý ông công sở cũng vậy nghiêm ngặt và mỡ bụng của phái mạnh treo trên. Tất nhiên, con số của quý ông công sở với thể thay đổi theo thời gian và mang một phụ kiện quần với dự trữ thêm trong ấy thực sự giúp thay đổi nó để phái mạnh mang thể luôn luôn mặc nó Theo truyền thống, hàng may mặc chiếm hữu phổ biến vải dự trữ hơn khác nhau là rẻ tiền ra khỏi hàng may mặc và đấy là vẻ đẹp của việc tùy chỉnh do ngay cả khi quý ông công sở thay đổi vóc dáng, thành phầm quần vẫn có thể vừa với nam giới. Mặt trái, quần của quý ông quá bự giả dụ quý ông có thể véo hơn nửa inch tới 1 inch.

Nếu phái mạnh đang chọn kiếm quần dài và xếp li đẹp cho mình thế nào

Nếu phái mạnh đang chọn kiếm quần dài và xếp li mà ko thể tìm thấy họ trong 1 phần của quý ông này video mê say với bạn vì tôi sẽ để được chỉ cho bạn nơi kinh doanh làm cho thế nào để phong cách quần và thậm chí sẽ không sở hữu ai thân thương rằng quý ông đang mặc đồ của phụ nữ các ngôi nhà vì vậy hãy khởi đầu chào mừng gần như mọi người sau cuối tôi đã trở lại có 1 video mới thứ nhất tại sao tôi mở đầu mặc thanh nữ như các chàng trai công sở có thể biết tôi từng làm việc tại Thiết Kế Thời Trang và họ cũng được tầm giá để kinh doanh cộng đồng tại Thiết Kế Thời Trang bởi vậy tại một số điểm tôi mở đầu mặc thông thường hơn quần áo quá khổ và chân trắng quần và trong phần nam tôi chỉ ko thể tìm được chiến thắng quần tán thành với bản thân.

Tôi cũng ko muốn tầm giá chung tiền vào quần xây cất yêu cầu tôi mở màn mua kiếm các lựa tìm thay thế tại các công ty khác khu chợ online và trên cao đường phố cũng là vấn đề của quý ông công sở phần trong những nhà hàng đường phố cao là phổ biến yêu mến có trái đất như tôi muốn do đó một ngày tôi chỉ nghĩ ổn thôi phần thiếu phụ trong khu chợ của quý ông, chúng tôi đã sử dụng để làm cho việc nó đã trở lại London do đó tôi mua thấy một vài sản phẩm quần ống rộng mà ko nhìn quá nữ tính mở đầu thử chúng và tôi thực sự thích chúng vì vậy đây là lần thứ 1 tôi khởi đầu chọn và nơi thiếu phụ mua sắm, quý ông thậm chí không thể nói ấy là các ngôi nhà của thiếu nữ nhắc đến những dụng cụ chăm nom này sở hữu một thành tích nhìn trong phần của thiếu phụ do hiện giờ đẳng cấp và xu thế cực kì giống nhau cho nam và nữ và nếu quý ông không dám để thử chúng trong công ty, quý ông với thể siêu thị online gửi chúng tới nơi của nam giới Hãy thử chúng trường hợp bạn muốn giữ chúng đừng trả lại cho họ và tôi thực sự hạnh phúc sở hữu thành phầm quần nhưng tôi đã chọn thấy cho tới nay và rộng rãi người đã hỏi tôi hoặc Thiết Kế Thời Trang của tôi về nơi tôi thích quần và cặp đồng tình của tôi quần tại thời điểm này là một cặp hoa hồng của thiếu phụ và đề cập từ khi tôi rời đi Sarah Tôi không mua sắm rộng rãi ở Thiết Kế Thời Trang và trên những khu chợ đường phố cao kể thông thường nhiều lúc tôi chỉ sở hữu 1 sản phẩm nhìn trực tuyến và sau đó hãy xem giả dụ họ chiếm hữu 1 vật phẩm gì đó tuyệt và tôi cũng nghĩ rằng thiếu nữ phần là thời trang hơn so có phần chính bởi phần con trai ở phố cao doanh nghiệp vô cùng đơn thuần cơ bản giản dị họ phát triển những thứ mà bè phái con trai sẽ mặc đã chán rồi sao quý ông công sở không chặt trên những nhà hàng High Street bè bạn nữa không nhiều lúc tôi làm cho nhưng không chung như tôi đã giá tiền buộc phải làm cho và tôi nghĩ ấy cũng là vì tôi ko khiến việc trong công ty tốc độ cao nữa và vì phụ nữ đang mặc áo len oversized nam là từ quý ông trai là phái mạnh trai quần denim cực kỳ hợp thời trang hoặc đã được cực kỳ hợp thời trang và tôi nghĩ tại sao đại trượng phu yên cầu cũng là nơi phụ nữ quần tôi nghĩ họ nhìn thấp về người nam nhi tôi thích họ ở đó mang đa dạng lựa tậu thay thế chiếm hữu thể được mặc Đối sở hữu cả nhì giới tôi cũng thích unisex bộ sưu tập và tôi nghĩ rằng những nhãn hiệu đòi hỏi lớn mạnh chung bộ sưu tập unisex hơn vì xu thế thời trang hiện thời đang hợp nhất cùng nhau bằng xây cất nào đó do đó tôi nghĩ rằng đây là một ý kiến ​​hay nên tôi sẽ chỉ cho các chàng trai công sở ba những cặp đặc biệt bằng hữu họ là từ đàn bà của chúng tôi và không may là họ không mùa này họ là mùa cuối năm mà tôi vững chắc sẽ liên kết một số lựa tậu thay thế trong hộp diễn đạt dưới đây đặc biệt là trong mùa xuân / hè có 1 số thực sự mát mẻ có quần nữ nhưng mà phái mạnh có thể tìm và tôi sẽ chỉ cho bạn ba đẳng cấp khác biệt và khiến thế nào nó đã khởi đầu phái mạnh đã chuẩn bị chưa? Hành lý màu trắng bạc hà nhà nó là 54 ấy là từ phần thiếu phụ đô la nghĩ rằng màu sắc là đẹp và đồng tình cho mùa này nói về xu hướng cho mùa xuân này mùa hè và tôi nghĩ màu này bảng màu hoặc màu khác lạ này là đẹp và với thể được mặc đặc biệt là hiện tại vào mùa xuân và mùa hè lúc mặt trời đang rạng ngời bạn chỉ với thể mặc một số màu sáng hơn và màu thông thường và tôi ko nhìn thấy màu này trong băng ghế phần bè cánh bởi thế đấy là một lý bởi khác tại sao tôi thích buôn bán ở khu vực dành cho thiếu phụ khác lạ là cho quần do phần của thiếu phụ phát hành chỉ là lớn hơn bảng màu và tôi nghĩ rằng nhân loại có thể mặc màu này cũng cực kỳ rẻ chân rộng của nó là một kích thước to hơi bự miệng bởi tôi giảm cân nhưng mà thực sự nam giới có thể luôn giữ kích thước như các chàng trai công sở muốn mặc trong phần của phái mạnh là vật liệu cực kỳ nhẹ và chảy quá hoàn hảo cho mùa này cặp này là con rắn in denim quần họ bị cắt và cũng có sở hữu quần ở phía dưới ái mộ tuyệt vời thì phiên bản in ko quá nhiều màu sắc thực sự mát mẻ không giống nhau là cho hiện nay cho những ngày ấm áp hơn tôi nghĩ rằng họ sở hữu thể sản phẩm bằng đa dạng xây cất chiếm hữu giày thể thao ngay cả đôi dép này cũng siêu tuyệt nó là 1 trong các sở thích của tôi cho đến nay và tôi đừng nghĩ rằng bạn thậm chí sở hữu thể đề cập rằng là 1 cái quần nữ tôi mua thấy vài dòng quần mang in hình con rắn trong phần của bạn nhưng họ chỉ là quá bé nhỏ quá què và cặp này là cắt thẳng không quá rộng cũng không quá nghiêm ngặt vì thế đây là một lanh lợi sau cùng nhưng mà không kém phần cần thiết quần dài .

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– Welcome back, my lovelies.

Today, I want to share withyou non-maternity outfits that work and look super cutewhen you're really pregnant.

For example, I am 39 weeks and two days.

These outfits, I wanted tokeep them very comfortable, very functional, and this is something that I already had in mycloset or something similar that I had pre-pregnancy, or I'm even shopping now when I'm going to givebirth so I can wear it when I have the baby.

So something functional, somethingreally cute, comfortable.

And of course, it's gonnashow off that beautiful beautiful pregnant belly.

Let's begin.

First outfit is whatI'm wearing right now.

It's a button up dress.

Super casual, but youcan really dress it up with really cute sandals, a hat like I'm wearing, and it's really cute.

I like that it buttons up, so once the baby is born, I can just unbutton it and I can feed my child very discreetly.

And it's just a very functionalbut super cute dress.

It's very airy, it's very flowy, and I think a lot of youwill be super comfortable in this type of an outfit.

I do want to say something really quick regarding dresses like this.

You can find them at Free People.

This one is from Free People.

But what I want to say isyes, the dresses are somewhat really, not like superexpensive, but they're definitely I would say an investment piece, just because I think the quality, most of their dresses are beautiful.

They wear, they wash very well.

And like I said, you can wearthem when you're not pregnant and when you're very pregnant.

So that's why I will shopat places like Free People, 'cause I know the quality is really great and you can find somereally beautiful pieces that are non-maternity.

Next outfit is a very flowy, very dressy type of a skirt that's kind of like a statement.

This one is super cute from ASOS.

And the one thing I do wantto say is even though this doesn't have like an elastic waistband, this one is still prettygood 'cause it can go like all the way up underneath the girls.

So it still fits really nicely.

But I do recommend somethingwith an elastic waistband so you can just keep your regular size.

For this one, I just went up one size that I was pre-pregnancy, but I can still wear this when I have the baby andmaybe do like a belt around if it's going to be a little bit loose.

But it's super flowy, verycomfortable, and again, it's kind of like a statementpiece, but very comfortable.

And I like to pair it witha very simple, white T, or you can even do a black Tor whatever color you'd like.

But something like thisthat's a little bit oversized.

What I like to do withthe top with the T-shirt is literally take it, kindof scrunch it to one side.

And instead of doing a knot, I bring it right underneath my bra to keep it nice and secure.

And I just think this little outfit really shows off that belly.

You look really cute andyou feel very comfortable, and you look very comfortable.

Skirts like this are so popularand in-season right now, that are just kind of thatsatiny, slippy style material.

I like the style of this one.

And then just a simple white T-shirt.

This is from All Saints, butI got it on sale form ASOS.

But like a simple white T-shirt, you could find it very inexpensive.

Just maybe go up one size tomake it a little bit more baggy or you can stick to your normal size to give it more of likea bodycon style look, so it's not as flowy or loose.

Next outfit is also anotherskirt with a dressier button down white top.

This one is a little bitsexy, 'cause I like how tight the skirt is, and it alsohas a really nice high slit.

I think this one is beautifulfor like date nights, or just when you're feelinga little bit more, you know, confident (laughs) alittle more sexy, you know? You want something to kind of show off your body a little bit more.

You can definitely pairit with sandals, sneakers, maybe some loafers to keep it super chill, or pair it for some kind ofheels for like date night.

So something like this, again, very comfy.

Everything's kind of verytight and really showing off the bump, and I like that it's showing off a little bit of the leg, thelittle slit just on one side.

And I think this is just, it'sbeautiful on pregnant women, gorgeous, even when you're not pregnant.

I just, I think a skirt likethis, when it's a little bit of like a midi lengthwith a slit on one side, very beautiful, very like chicand like confident, you know? It's like ooh, she'swearing it type of a deal.

But something like this, this little button down white shirt, this is from Target.

You can find them, they'repretty inexpensive.

And I just kind of likerolled up the sleeves to make it a little bit less business.

You know what I mean? A little, it's more casual, it's not so businessforward or super dressy.

And then this little skirt is from ASOS.

And the material is actually really nice.

It's very stretchy.

This is just my regularpre-pregnancy size, and it just stretches really nicely and I can still wear thisafter I have the baby and I can still feel very comfortable and confident when I wear it.

Moving onto one of myfavorite outfits for pregnant, when you're reallypregnant, is a beautiful really kind of tightmidi dress that's ribbed with a cropped sweater.

I just think this isthe cutest thing ever.

It really accentuates the pregnant belly.

And it just looks so cute and so chic, and something about this speaks to me.

I love this outfit.

It really accentuates the bump, but you're very comfortable, as well.

I just, I love this, and Ilike the monochromatic look.

You can definitely put like beige very similar type of shoeson, sandals, sneakers, to really make it monochromatic.

But I just think somethinglike this is so beautiful and definitely one ofthe essentials to have even pre-pregnancy.

Ribbed mini dressedwith slits on the side.

I just, I love that 'cause itreally accentuates the legs.

Especially if you're short like I am, it really kind of I think helps keep kind of the outfit flowing andit doesn't look restrictive on the body, I don'tknow how to explain that.

But then pairing it withlike a little cropped little sweater I think super cute, and I like where it hitsright where the belly starts.

Really accentuates the belly.

And then this right here, the dress, it's basically a spaghetti strap dress that I like that it's a V neck.

I can wear this withoutthe little cropped sweater and I can still feed mybaby if this is something that I want to wear afterpre, after pregnancy, and just maybe pair itwith like a denim jacket, or I could even pair it withlike a white little button down and tie it again at the top.

So many different looks you can do with this little outfit.

And both are from ASOS, if you're wondering.

ASOS just has some really good options that you don't, that is notgonna break your wallet, not gonna break the bank, and you can wear it before, during, and after pregnancy.

Keeping with the dresses, I love slip dresses and slip skirts, especiallywhen you're pregnant and you're very faralong in your pregnancy.

They're so comfortable.

I like the way they flowand move with the body, especially with the belly.

I just think there's something about it.

And pairing this right herewith something like this.

This is actually a set.

But you can definitelydo something like this, like a cropped T-shirt, and it really will accentuate the belly and I think it's just super comfy.

Just this outfit in general, I just love and I think it's adorable when you're pregnant, and it's comfy.

Did I say it was comfy? Very comfy.

Something like this, alittle slip midi dress that is either likesatin or silk material, you can find them prettymuch anywhere right now.

Again, they're very in-trend, very in-season right now.

So I wouldn't spend too much money unless you really want to invest into like a silk slip dress.

But I like it because it is, again, it has spaghetti straps and it's a V neck so you know, if I want to feed the baby, I can just, you know, pick this up, pull a little blanketaround me and the baby, and it's nice and discreet.

Or I can just wear, just take this shirt off and pair this dress withlike a denim jacket.

Or like I said, if it's different seasons, like if it's colder, I could pair it with like a cropped little sweater to make it a little bit warmer, and then maybe wear some boots with this.

So this next outfit iskind of like a two in one, how I like to style biker shorts.

I honestly never thought I wasgonna get into biker shorts.

But getting pregnant, it's getting hot outside.

Biker shorts are awesome.

They're so comfortable.

I know they're definitelynot everybody's cup of tea.

But this is how I like to style them.

And I think it's just, it's so cute.

It's definitely very comfortable.

And it still makes me feel very good in these types of outfits.

So the first one, these biker shorts are actually maternity biker shorts.

Very comfortable and Idefinitely recommend them.

And these are by the brandBLANQI, BLANQI, BLANQI.

Got them off of Amazon, gotthem in my regular size.

And super comfy.

So the first way I like to wear it is with like a super oversized T-shirt.

You can obviously raid your hubby's closet or your, if you have a man in your life and he has really big T-shirts, you can raid his closet.

But this one is actually adress, but because of the belly, it's super short and Ithink it looks better with biker shorts underneath anyways.

So I wouldn't wear thisas just like a dress.

I'd pair this with bikershorts even if I'm not pregnant just because I think it looks better.

I like the raw detailing, the raw hedges.

(laughs) Hedges, yes, hedges.

– [Andrey] Get them hedges done.

(laughs) – Lawn service right here, lawn maintenance, raw edges.

And I just think it looks good, especially just a classic white T, or you can do like a graphic T.

Urban Outfitters has so many great options that are super oversized.

Pair it with some bikershorts, some sneakers, sandals, and you're off and you'regood to go enjoy your life.

I'd also pair it maybewith like a jacket on top for like evening time, or depending what time of the year it is.

– [Andrey] You look likeyou're dressed for summer.

– I am, this is straight up summer.

– [Andrey] The only thingyou're missing is some kombucha.

– Yeah (laughs) I have noidea where this hat came from.

– [Andrey] Probably from me.

– It's probably got– – [Andrey] I love kombucha.

– I think it's Andrey's hat.

Andrey and I went through akombucha phase in Florida.

– [Andrey] What are you talking about? I'm still in kombucha phase.

– What I'm saying is rememberwhen we would stock our fridge with every type ofkombucha flavor possible? We went through a phase, you guys.

It was hilarious.

But I think this is, yeah, thisis definitely your hat babe.

All right, so next outfit isgoing with the biker shorts.

I'm slightly obsessed with this one also.

I love denim and biker shorts together, like a denim top, a denim jacket.

This one right here– – [Andrey] You're justobsessed with denim, period.

– Guys, I just love denim jackets.

This one right here, thisis kind of like a denim dress slash a super denimoversized shirt with a belt.

Like it has its own littledenim belt around it.

This one again, ASOS.

Guys, ASOS, they're just so good.

They have so many goodinexpensive options.

But this one I reallylike with biker shorts, especially for the summer time.

I like the fact that it comeswith its own little belt.

It really accentuates the belly, and it's super comfortable.

Again, I can wear thisafter I have the baby 'cause it buttons up, so I do wear this kind of like a really oversized shirt or kind of like a jacket slash dress.

Not jacket, a dress.

Last but not least, can't forget leggings.

Leggings and pregnancy, theygo hand in hand so well, so well, I think nothing else beats it.

So obviously pair of leggings.

These are maternity leggings.

These are the very first pregnancy leggings I ever purchased.

This is by the brand David Learner.

I got them on sale when ShopUpwas having it last year.

I think I was like 17weeks pregnant, 18 weeks.

And they did not fill my bellywhatsoever and I hated them.

So I wore just regular leggingsfor the longest time ever.

But now that, you know, I'm pretty much done, these leggings are phenomenal.

They're very comfortable andpaired with an oversized T, it's a match made in heaven.

I personally like pairingleggings with something like this.

This is an oversized long sleeve T-shirt.

And I think it just, it's super cute.

It has a little bit of something extra.

This kind of has like aheavier weight material, so like a really oversized long sleeve T that you can just roll up.

I think even raiding my husband's closet and using one of hisT-shirts is perfect for this.

But leggings, oversizedT, match made in heaven.

Put on some sandals orslip ons or just sneakers, and perfect outfit with maybea hat or like a baseball cap.

I think it's phenomenal.

And that completes someof the outfits that, well actually, a lot of theoutfits, that I'm liking right now when I'm really pregnant.

Again, I can't reiterate this enough.

Comfortable, cute, Iwant to feel confident, especially right now when, you know, when you're like the very very end of it.

But I think all of these outfitsyou can definitely wear it when you're not pregnant, when you're just pregnant, when you're just gettingthat little belly, and then of course whenyou have the big beautiful pregnant belly, which I justlove when women show that off.

I think it's the mostbeautiful thing ever.

You're literally growing alittle miracle inside, you know? Show that thing off, show that belly off with all that confidence.

And I just, I hope youguys find some inspiration.

Obviously, it doesn't have tobe exactly what I'm wearing.

This is not a haul, this isjust an inspirational video that you can just throw outfits together that you already, probably already have a lot of these pieces, or similar type, not these specific pieces, but these types of pieces in your closet, or even your man's closet you can just raid, you know? – [Andrey] Where'd youget this shirt, ASOS? – Yep, ASOS.

Please share your outfits that you wear or you wore when you were super preggy, pregnant with a beautiful little belly.

And again, thank you forwatching, spending this video with myself and the little baby before the baby comes into this world.

And we'll see you inthe next one very soon.


(blows kiss).