FALL LOOKBOOK 🍁 *outfit ideas!*

Hey y'all my name is Raven, and welcometo my channel! Today I'm doing something I've neverdone before—I'm doing a Fall lookbook.

So over the years my fashion has evolved alot, and I'm really excited to share some things with you all that I've collectedduring the last couple of months.

A lot of these outfits are like, very instyle right now, but some of them are also just like old pieces that I hadthat I'm trying to repurpose and reuse.

So for the first outfit I recently gotthis black and white mini skirt.

And I'm pairing it with thisjust like plain gray turtleneck that I gotactually when I was in South Korea.

A lot of the stuff in this lookbook I got whenI was in South Korea.

This is just like a really nice, reallyclassic ensemble to put together, and you can add morebits and pieces to make it pop.

If you're in more cold weather I would suggestputting a nice long coat over it.

And since it is sortof a more basic outfit, you can get really creative with the coats.

So thisis like a really nice sort of gray undertone blue coat that I feellike goes really well with this outfit.

And it's a pop of color.

It's notsomething that you see every day.

When you see folks wearing long coatsthey're normally neutral colors, so it's nice to have this little, you know, fun little something.

So if you're in a colder climate you can putsome really thick tights under it like these babies *cartoon boing noise*.

And then for shoes I got these really cute black booties when I was in SouthKorea.

They are just so flattering.

Or if youwanted to give it more of like a grungy edge, you could add theseindustrial boots.

I actually got these when I was up in Ithaca (New York) at schoolbecause it's so freaking cold.

Like you can seelook how worn out they are.

But this is just a nice sort of more edgy vibe toadd to it otherwise sort of sweet preppy look.

For this next look I want it to look like a pink unicorn barfed all over myface and my body.



So that's what we're going for.

So I havethis super cute pink magenta color dress for this outfit.

And then I alsohave this sort of like mock neck top to go under the dress withthis cute little like kissy detail on the front of it.

Tomake this outfit a little more warm you could add some sheer tights to it.

Ithink black tights would contrast a bit too much since it's already like a lotgoing on with the colors, so a more like nude type for your skin tonewould be great.

So to go with this outfit I paired itwith a long pink coat.

Like so like that.

I know it's a lot of pink, but look I did say it's gonna look like a unicornbarfed all over me, and I feel like that's exactly what I'm delivering.




take it or leave it.

I've just really been obsessed with long coats lately.

Ifeel like they're so flattering and so elegant and beautiful and, I don't know sometimes you just gotta make a statement honey.

If there's acolor you're feeling, for me clearly it was pink, then go for it.

Andthen to go with this outfit i just paired it with some basic white tennisshoes.

This next outfit is a little more grungy, and that's not normally something that I do.

But I don'treally know what my aesthetic is.

I'm still shopping around for it, sowhy not.

I got this super cute black skirtrecently, and it has this fun like chain detail on it.

And then I have thislike super old black turtleneck that I'vebeen wearing for the longest.

It has actually lint all over it right now.

Hopefully I'll take care of that before I film the video (I didn't).

And then on top of that to give it more edge, since it does look a little flatwith just all the black, I decided to put a fun pop of color onit.

I have this cute turquoise like hand-me-down tank top that my grandmagave to me, so I just threw that over it.

I thought it looked kind of fun.

You knowit's not super tight, it kind of floats on me, so it's a coollook.

And then I also had this super cute sort of likeparty top like half tank thing that says “It's your loss baby” on it.

And then beyond those two tank tops, Ireally feel like you could add anything.

You could add a crew neck on top, you could add a tank top on top, and I think it would also look super duper cute.

With this outfit you could also put on the black leggings.

And then for the shoes I just put on those black booties again.

So this next look is like all cream because I've been seeing black womenwith darker complexions doing like an all-white or an all-cream look, and Ithink it's so beautiful and so flattering.

And, I'm notas blessed with that much melanin, but I still think it's a great look so Ithought I would share one cream outfit.

So I got these pants also when I was inSouth Korea.

I really love these pants because they have this really fun likeyou can see like the stitching on the back.

I just think, like, an all cream lookis so classy and so cute right now.




dEfInItElY a ViBe.

And then I paired itwith this crew neck that says f*cking awesome on it.

And it's likethree guys just walking.

I think because the cream outfit is sortof more like basic it's nice to have a little pop like that.

So a cool graphic, especially like this if it's a darker font, would go reallywell with this kind of outfit.

So for shoes with this outfit I decided to pairit with Timbs.

These brown Timbs are just really nicereally sturdy, and they add more of an industrial lookto it.

Or if you wanted to elevate the look a little bit and make it moreclassy you could also put the black bootieswith it.

I paired the black booties with this outfit because the black likematches the black in the sweater, so it kind of ties in togethereven though it's sort of a harsh contrast with the cream.

For this last look it's like very much on brand right now.

Everyone is wearing these super cute like little tennis skirts.

I'm actuallykind of late to the trend, but here we are.

This one's really great because it has a little skort underneath it.

So it's not just, you know, your cookies flying in the wind.

Though that's nice to havea breeze, but you know sometimes you want your cookiesto be a little more secure.

That's all I'm saying.

And thenyou can play around with this so much.

In this first pairing Iput it with sort of this tan turtleneck andthis super cute like little camisole sweater thing that my grandma gave to me.

So you can style it like that, or you could put a really nice, you know, buttondown on top of the turtleneck.

Or you couldjust wear it with you know just a button down and noturtleneck at all.

But of course the more layers you havethe warmer it will be.

So it's really up to you, you can play around a lot withthis.

And then for shoes you also have a lotof options.

I paired it with my Timbs to sort of offset like the super sweetgirly look.

But you could also just pair it withsome basic white tennis shoes, and I think that would also look super dupercute.

All right y'all that's all that I havefor you today.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video.

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can I—can I get a little somethin' somethin'? Okay.

Let me know in the comments downbelow if you gained something from this video.

Maybe some inspiration for yournext outfit or for your next pop out at some point this year when we canleave the house, safely.

Okay that's all for me, I'll see you allin a couple of days and until then take care.

Bye! (:.