How To DRESS LIKE David Beckhem / BECKS OUTFIT Break Down – Men's Fashion Wardrobe Guide DIY

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I'm going to show you guys how to dress likeBlake gave it back.

So when we're talking about David Beckhamstyle is evolution and just basically analyze his homestyle as a person and how you evolvedwith it.

And I'm baking basically break down threecharacteristics that I believe that can actually help you increase your own style.

So if you guys are.

Fired by the backup.

If you guys look up to him for a style icon, I'm gonna break down three principles that you guys can apply into your style right now.

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Okay, so now when it comes out to David Beckham, as you all know, style icon, especially when it comes down to sports.

He's a legend when it comes on football.

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So when it comes down into detail, that comesoverall style.

So I would break down the three characteristicpoints that I do believe actually will help you increase your own style.

And this is why he kind of.

Katie is towards, so in the evolution of yourown style, make sure to pick out things that you do like about certain people or certainstyles for that matter, and then incorporate into your own style.

If you dress like someone else, you will notbecome yourself.

So this is where you get that inspiration.

And then you kind of put it into your ownlife, and then you see yourself enhancing within what your aspirations are and you kindof develop your own style in essence.

So one thing I noticed with Dave back fromwhat he masters really well, is the casual look.

So when it comes down to the casual look, you can see him with a white t-shirt anytime, maybe some jeans.

It's in boots and I go overall, um, satchel.

So, but at the same time, it's quite interestingto see those versatility's.

There's different, different styles and differentways to put things together.

So the casual style is something he actuallymasters down to a T.

So when it either, when it comes down to like.

Our shirt or when it comes down to like acrew neck when it does come down to like a jacket.

Those are the types of things that he masterspretty well cause he just, it's something that is very simple to put on for any typeof dude.

But at the same time it's the way you putit on.

It's the way you make the details.

So when it comes down to like a long sleevedenim shirt, I noticed what he does with his style.

He rolls up his sleeves.

He has simple watches, well accessories, whichI do talk about with other people as well.

Accessories is key.

So he does wear watch rolls at the squeeze.

You know, there's different things.

There's any characteristics you can applyto your own style that makes you you.

So when you do wear clothes, make it yourself.

Make it you.

Cause that is the best form of communicationof who you are.

So what you're seeing from him is his ownstyle through the same material.

And you could be wearing another thing I noticed.


Rustic I noticed about their background isthat he takes the bad boy persona.

So when it comes down to this.

If I was going to start there, that couldmore, if I was to start someone that has inspirations of being back home, I'll look at the bad boypersona.

So when it comes down to that, in my mind, that means someone who has edginess, someone who kind of steps outside the circle, someonewho goes against the grain.

So when it comes down to that, it's kind oflike a F mentality, but at the same time.

You can, depending on their personality, youcan be reserved.

You can actually be more outspoken, but itdepends on every individual.

When it comes down to the bad boy personais an indication of, you can't mess with me.

So for example, someone for the bedroom, he'sinfused the sleep.

I can't say that word.

He is infamously known for his tattoos.

For example, he has tattoos all the way upto his hands.

He has some on his neck.

That's just him, for example.

So when it comes down to that, he wears certainthings that can show off that bad boy image or it can be a little more reserved back.

Or when he does wear suits, for example, hedoes have tattoos where he can show maybe on the back of his neck or the side of hisneck.

That kind of says, you know, buyer bewaretype of type of mentality.

So when it comes down to that, the bad boypersona is a characteristic that he doesn't apply within his own fits and it actuallyworks within his own style.

The last thing I should want to talk aboutis that Dave Beck and does it very, very well, and that his dressings age, so he'll see himin Supreme t-shirts.

You don't really see him in anything that's.

For his sons or his or his, like, you know, his grandkids, for example.

He typically goes for things that will typicallycater to who he is as a person.

Then in this moment.

So when it comes down to that, definitelyembrace yourself at this moment, the stage in your life, mid this made sure and allowyourself to.

Be yourself first and foremost.

But what I'm saying is with the vacuum ishe embraces himself any stage of his life.

So when it comes into where he is now, um, he definitely wears a lot of suits and you definitely see him within the three-piece.

You can definitely see him with even for twopiece.

So he basically basically embraces that guydimension.

Definitely brings in that business casualtype of look into his own style.

So at the same time, you can see him growwithin that.

You could also see him kind of fostering cateringto the mature adult type of look occasionally, but everyone's completely different.

But those are three key points that I noticedabout David Beckham terroristic wise.

And like.

Style-wise that you guys can pick up and thereyou guys can actually apply to your own style.

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