How To Look Good WITHOUT Overdoing It | Smart Casual Fall Outfits 2020

– Here's the situation, you need to look put together, but a suit feels too dressed up and a casual outfit feels like not enough.

So what do you do? You go to that in between dress code that we call smart casual.

And in this video, five simple, easy and stylish smartcasual outfit ideas for fall.

(upbeat music) I'm Brian Sacawa and youare watching He Spoke Style where we are dedicated togiving you all the tips, knowledge, and inspirationyou need to dress well, have more confidence andunlock your potential.

All right, for our first look here, we're just going to keep itsuper simple and super classic.

Navy chinos, white shirt, classic combo, and then the light grayflannel sport coat, giving it some polish and seasonal vibes.

So I have to be honest and say that this look is so easy to pull off that it's one, that's easyfor me to forget about when I'm thinking about what to wear, but what it reminds me of when I see it is that you really can never go wrong with those simple men's wear basics in a classic color palette.

And then I'm adding in somebrown accents with the belt and the loafers, greatsmart casual shoe option.

And on my wrist is theCartier Tank American.

Taking the same pair of pants, the navy chinos from the last outfit and changing up the top for asportier and more earthy vibe.

A chambray shirt I love all year round, but especially during the fall.

I think the fabric and thetexture mesh really well with the season, same goes for the jacket, which is in a brown Donegal tweed.

I'm so happy that the weatheris finally getting cooler and I can pull this out again.

It's one of my favorite fall jackets.

Love the suede elbow patch detail, pocket square contrasts a little bit, but also pulls in the blueof the shirt and pants.

And then the leather strapof the watch tying together with the shoes which are by Enzo Bonafe.

All right, raise your hand if you have been waiting tosee a blazer with jeans outfit on this channel.

It's not something I do all the time, but sometimes it just works, depending on the situation.

I think it's important that if you are going to do this look, that you do pay attentionto a couple of things.

Number one, dark denim always looks best, in my opinion, and number two, your jacket should have either a texture like the tweed jacket from the last outfit or a pattern like we havehere with the gun club check.

Those types of elements helpto kind of bridge that gap so you don't have adisconnect between the jacket as the dressy element andthe jeans as the casual.

Another blazer with jeans outfit here and although we don't have a big pattern or texture like a tweed, what we do have is a flannel fabric, which also works well with jeans because of the weight of the fabric and its just overall moreorganic look and feel.

I layered in a V-necksweater here in a light gray, and you can see the progression of color going the dark gray jacketto the lighter gray sweater, and finally to the white of the shirt, which focuses your attentionand frames up my face.

Because of the jeans, I wanted to give this look alittle more of a rugged feel so I added in a feltfedora and finished it off with a pair of leather dress boots.

Going for something lighter and more chic with this outfit here.

You know, we tend to think of white pants as more of a summer style move.

But what I like about wearingthem in the fall and winter is that they're unexpected and it makes a fall or awinter outfit with them just seem really fresh.

I wanted to keep a light andorganic feel with this outfit that was in line with the season, which is why I chose alight gray flannel jacket and the light tan turtleneck.

Now I know a lot of you, likeme, are really looking forward to the colder weather to start wearing those turtlenecks again and I've got a video right over there with 10 different turtleneckoutfits you can try.

It's kind of a differentstyle than this one so click over there, check it out and letme know what you think.