HOW TO WEAR LEGGINGS, SKINNY JEANS & PANTS ( 6 Outfit Styles for Women over 50 )

Hey awesome ones.

Well if you're like me you probably stayed away from the   you know the skinny leggings and the skinny jeans that sort of thing probably thinking as i did that   they're uncomfortable, they might make me look a little bit heavier than I am and I'm here to tell   you that I have been wearing them now probably for at least a couple of years and I love them.

   They they're comfortable they're super stretchy and I found six different styles of these kind of   legging pants and I can't wait to show them to you.

It all starts in just a few seconds.

So my hope today is to show you these outfits with the intention of maybe afterwards you   shop your wardrobe and you can find lots of tops to go with them.

And you know you   may not have to buy very much because you've got a lot of the tops the jackets the dusters   again as i said in your wardrobe.

Now when you are buying these stretchy leggings or stretchy jeans   make sure you get them with a lot of stretch.







 that's super important and also make sure that   the tops that you wear do cover your butt.





hey you know we want to look classy not trashy.

So   that's been my intent in this and let's start with outfit number one.

So this is what I call   a basic silhouette outfit and as you can see it's slimming because it's all black and but   what we're going to do is we're going to put our dusters our jackets our whatever sweaters over top   What you can see here is I've got the stretchy kind of legging pants and I also have a cover your   butt type of top and also a stretchy belt.

So let's see what we can do with this outfit.

So let's take   a look at a few looks that we can achieve by using this kind of basic silhouette.

Here I am walking   on the wild side with my leopard kind of animal print coat and you can see that that's just a   beautiful silhouette with this particular look.

 I'm wearing just a pair of booties with this   and it's very classic, very trendy and I'm covering my butt.

So you know I like to mix up my wardrobe   a little bit and so why not add a vest and I love this vest.

It's super long.

I actually got it from   amazon and it's it's something that you don't have to only wear it for fall.

You could also wear   it for many many other months out of the year.

 So for my next look I have a very lightweight   turquoise duster and I could definitely wear this in the summer time.

What I might want to do in the   summer time though instead of wearing the long sleeve sort of undershirt, I might go with maybe   a tank top again that's a little bit longer.

So as most of you know this next look is with one of my   favorite cardigans.

It's kind of a camel colored cardigan and it looks great, very classic look with   these pants and super comfortable.

I know that the big baggy pants are kind of popular right now   but I must say if you have a slimmer silhouette like I was just showing you, you are going to look   slimmer you are going to look taller probably and you're not kind of hiding behind all that bulk.

   Usually these baggy pants I mean they look a little oversized and for me when I wear something   that's a little bit more form-fitting I'm eating better you know because I can sort of see if I'm   gaining a little bit of weight.

I think that's a good thing as well but   next I want to show you a pair of jeggings which are jeans and leggings and again these are   super super stretchy.

I'm wearing them with a classic white shirt so usually if you have a pair   of jeggings and you've got the fly front you don't have to worry about wearing shapewear because it's   really kind of bringing everything in and it's stretchy.

Let's take a look at what I have here.

   I've got the classic white shirt.

I just put a cami underneath it you know so I could undo a couple of   buttons there and what I've done is I've tucked it in both sides just so that the front is kind   of covered and I paired this with a pair of blue kind of floral shoes but you could have easily   I could have easily worn a pair of booties as well.

 So for my next outfit have you ever bought a cute   little dress and then.



like the one I'm wearing right now.



and then got it home and realized you   know maybe it's a little bit too short.

Well I got an answer for that one.

So remember this   trick when you're in the change rooms and maybe you find a cute little dress like this one and   you go I can't wear that.

Well here's your answer.

 Here I have a pair of leggings underneath   and these ones actually.



I don't know if Bill can show you a little bit of a close-up close-up but   they have a little bit of a pattern in them and it looks really cute with this dress   and also I put on a pair of high heel booties just to to give the look a little bit more of   a dressed up kind of look.

Also what I could do is I could put on a jean jacket.



just a second here.



   I'll put on a jean jacket and maybe even a hat and you can have so much fun with this kind of look.

   For my next look let's take a look at a pair of stretchy jeggings in a different color because   you don't always have to go for black or white or even just denim.

Let's take a look.

This look is   a lot of fun and you'll notice these pants and I've worn them before and somebody said to me    I would never wear button-down fronts on a pant but this material is so stretchy that I can just   pull it on and off it's it's super and the pants are nice and form fitting.

This poncho I love   this kind of santa fe look and I actually got it from amazon and as you can see it's a fun look.

   I completed it with some turquoise bangles and also a rust color pair of boots.

Now I just showed   you the poncho that I got from amazon and what I'm going to do below the description I'm going   to put some links to the same or similar outfits that I'm wearing and clothing that I'm wearing but   let's get to number five.

Now as you know I mean I used to wear all black clothing like I really   thought that's what I needed to do to make me look slimmer and especially since I was a model.

Anyway   I know I need to brighten up my days so I usually try to add a lot of color to my clothing.

But   for this next outfit it's pretty well all black but I love wearing this outfit and I wear it for   walking and shopping and well let's just take a look.

Here I'm wearing a very stretchy but   kind of tight fitting a pair of pants and it has a flare at the bottom.

I particularly like wearing   a flare at the bottom especially if I'm wearing my athletic shoes because I have a size 10 foot.

I   kind of kind of like to hide it a little bit and I'm just wearing a white v-neck top underneath it   and I do really love this jacket.

It's it's really lightweight, it's great for walking and it's got a   got a cute little flare at the bottom as well.

Oh and don't forget to wear your exercise monitor   or your fitbit on your wrist so you can count your steps and make sure you get that walking   in.

For my next outfit.



hey this is something completely different especially if you're one that   really likes to wear the high boots.

So believe it or not I'm wearing a pair of stretchy capris   with this outfit so they're kind of leggings but they're capris and all I do is just tuck the top   of them into the top of the the boots and it's great because you don't have all that bulk of you   know long pants inside your boots and it's a it's a great look.

And what I did was I decided to just   pair this with a shirt that again is a longer kind of shirt and a denim kind of blazer here and   I think it's kind of a fun look.

And talking about a fun look, how do you how do you feel   about Hurricane's little puppy look that he gets.

 He usually gets a lot of the.



you know these dogs   sometimes get a little bit matted.



so he's got his little puppy look going on right now and    Also I gotta tell you when I'm doing these fashion videos I'm throwing all the outfits on the bed and   and he just starts crying.

He wants to go up on his bed and be in the midst of all the clothes.

So   that's one of the things and if he looks a little bit sleepy because he's usually sleeping   in amongst them.

Anyway I'm really excited because in a few days I've also got a zoom call   with a hollywood makeup artist and I should be able to share that actual zoom call with you   as he's going to be applying and I'm going to be applying some glam makeup.

That's coming   up shortly you know and other makeup videos are coming up and of course other fashion ones as   well.

So as most of you know I'm well over 50 now and what I try to do in these videos is I   really want to help you feel youthful and and yet you know still look classy and not trashy.

So   you know the other thing I want to do is I really wanted to encourage you to get out from behind   those baggy clothes and find the wonder of stretchy garments and I just hope that you   you know try it out.

I'm sure you're going to look fabulous and feel awesome.