I’m Not a Fashion Designer Anymore, I Bake Bread | Brandon Maxwell

welcome back to my youtube we're gonnado something totally different today we're all at home right now when we'reteaching each other and ourselves to do new things that we've never done beforeone of the things that I've been trying to do a lot is to teach myself to cookbecause my

life is usually very fast-paced I'm eating on the go I'meating takeout I never really have taught myself to cook some experienceshave been incredible but some other things have not gone so well for me soI'm gonna try today something that I've been seeing everybody else doing whichseems really complex

and hard but I'm gonna give it a shot because we're nowtwo months in and I think my cooking skills have improved today I'm gonnamake a Pullman loaf which I've had before but never made myself I'm not avery good Baker being from the south I'm mostly fry and cook

everything sothis is not going to be easy for me I'm using a Pullman pan which I've justlearned from my YouTube team aka my fiancee that it is called Pullmanbecause you can pull it and I'm a man so I'm gonna start with the baking firstthis is gonna be like

kind of an all-day activity it says it's two hours and 45minutes so let's get started all right guys let's go over all the ingredientslukewarm water heaping tablespoon of honey one-and-a-half teaspoons of saltsoft butter instant yeast all-purpose flour not that dry milk powder got itand a baking machine that's

not a baking machine that's a mixer a stand mixer okay and a mixer a stand mixer first I'mgoing to test the temperature of the lukewarm water needs to be around ahundred and it's at ninety nine point three so we are good to go so we'regonna mix these in

the order that they're listed in the recipe so I'mgonna start with my lukewarm water my one heaping tablespoon of honey whichI'm gonna use a spatula because I've never made the Pullman loaf before Idon't really know why it's important to do it all in order but we're gonna trust

the experts one and a half teaspoons of salt in theshot glass boom two tablespoons of soft butter all right2 and 1/4 teaspoon of instant yeast before I add the flour I'm gonna get mylittle mini whisk and I'm just gonna whisk it all together so it doesn'tclump I never

get a chance to use this mini whisker and I think it's really cute now I'm gonna add the flour I'm going toadjust my stand mixer and slowly drop in the flourI'm going to turn that off for a bit and I'm going to scrape the sides just toget it

all in there and then I'm gonna add my last ingredient which is thenonfat dry milk powder alright I'm going to set it back on two and slowly mix you're gonna check to make sure that this issoft under your hands I don't know what to feel for because I've

never made thisloaf but it seems not hard breaking news chef experts have said it's not softenough so we're going back for round two once it starts to make that noise whenyou've accidentally put your shoe in the washing machine and everything ishitting really hard and the machine is shaking

you should be good so normally Iwould wash this spoon and like make sure everything was perfect but life is notperfect now I'm placing in a lightly greasedmixing bowl the next step is that I'm using this dough scraper I don't knowwhat it is and I'm not gonna sit here

and lie to you and pretend like I knowwhat all these tools are they have been placed here for me by my fiancee whodoes most of the cooking but now I'm gonna take this dough scraper I'm gonnaremove from this bowl and put it in a lightly greased Bowl the

purpose ofdoing this wow this is a great tool actually these little simple things I wish I had invented so now I'm bringing in my GLAAD pressand seal get at me GLAAD and this is like a sticky wow it's sticky now we cover you want to try to put

thissomewhere warm while it's rising in our house we have a lazy susan littlecabinet that stays mostly warm inside because it's next to the baseboardheater so I stick it in there hey Google set a timer for 90 minutes 1 hour and 30 minutes starting now see you guys soon

okay our dough has been rising for 90minutes now and this is the big step 2 and so now I need to butter the pan I'veactually never really buttered a pan before and excuse my dry hands becauseI've been washing them a hundred times a day there's nothing like butter

you guys just use what's on my hand and I'm going tobutter the top this is not beautiful in any sort of way and my next step afterthis is I'm gonna put the dough into the pan and I think from what I've been toldthat's the hardest thing to do

need to make this a little more beautiful butanyways I'm gonna wash my hands now be right back is it 1 o'clock yet okay what's next alright my next step is thatnow I'm gonna take the dough out it's been in ourlazy susan cabinet for about 90 minutes and I

messed up on the butter so it hasactually been in there for like a hundred minutes but now I'm gonna takeit out I'm gonna transfer it into the pan and I think I'm gonna have to phonea friend to do that we have been thinking all day long who is

our friendthat bakes the most and my friend Ryan Roche is an incredible designer is agreat Baker so I'm gonna cold call her and see if she answers and if she's madat me for calling her on my YouTube but I think she will be the best person tohelp me

transfer it from the bowl to the pan all right now we have the dough I'mgonna phone a friend see if she gets annoyed Ryan hi can you see me yes okay yeah you'reon my YouTube so hope that's okay okay so let me explain to you sort of whatI'm

doing now so I'm on step three cause on step two was place the dough in alightly greased bowl cover it and let it rise for sixty to ninety minutes untilit becomes quite puffy and it has become quite puffy okay so now it says gentlydeflate the dough which I

don't know what that means okay so and shape it into anine inch log yes okay do you know how to do that yes I do okay so I would put like a tiny bit of flour on your countertop is your countertop clean yeah okay good so yeah just

that's good that's fine don't worry oh God just gonna remove it with the recipe how about that oh yeah perfect okay so does this look like a more good amount I would put a tiny bit more and then like smooth it into like a circle because you're gonna

like pour your dough out tiny bit more perfect just give yourself a tiny bit more tiny bit more okay yeah I feel like I'm at a like table in Las Vegas where I'm like grab your bowl and then just like tip it out on to your countertop onto

that flour it seems to be going somewhat well yeah imagine it's just like this delicate little creature you can push your hands into it and flatten it but be really gentle okay I'm pressing it but not tooaggressively yeah this is sort of like how I would press my

thighs to get intomy jeans normally not aggressively but doing what we can okay the whole thing with dough is you don't wanna handle it too much you just wanna be delicate but I gotta get it to a 9 inch log now so what should I keep going No

I think what you can do now is like fold it like this yeah I think so and then stick them together yeah and then you wanna like pinch it together at the top okay got itthe pinching has been mentioned a lot and it didn't I didn't understand okayeverybody

was talking about the seam yeah and I didn't know what that meantbecause in our business a seam is something totally differentokay so this kind of looks like a big dream burrito essentially yeah exactly okay so do yousee it yeah yeah okay so here's my I'm gonna take my

bowl away and I just dropit in just gentle be delicate yeah okay my grandfather just keeps texting I'm sosorry um okay so I'm gonna turn my oven on I'm gonna wash my hands first I'mgonna lay it on the top there for 60 minutes set my timer and then

I'm gonnacall you back when I bake I love you thanks for answering my call byeshe taught me also how to make homemade Caesar dressing and I've been makingthat like once a week and it's been really exciting so you know if you guyshave friends that are learning to cook

I think we have FaceTime we have Zoomit's like great to call someone and to learn so yeah I think lean on yourfriends okay we finished the dough rising it rose a little bit early likethirty five minutes is what it took we set it actually on top of the

stoveand we forgot to turn the stove off and by we I mean me and I was scrollingthrough my phone and so it rose a little bit quicker but the food experts havetold me that that's okay let's just hope it doesn't stick and so now we're gonnaremove the plastic

absolutely gorgeous it's a little bit highernormally it should be half an inch from the top but again it rose too fastbecause I got busy if this is the way to do this but because this looks like it'sgonna be a little bit tight I'm gonna push this down I

think that's probablynot the way to do it and probably any bakers are like this guy is an idiot and I'mnot disagreeing with you but honestly it's looking legit so now I'm gonnaslide my Pullman loaf top on beautiful I'm just gonna say for a second this loaf of bread

hasbeen cooked many times in my home since quarantine like least five times and I thought and Ithink my YouTube team thought that this was gonna be comedic but turns out I'mmaking it better than anybody else just want you to know look how perfect we areready to go into

the oven are you taking note YouTube team I'm gonna place it in the oven now Oh my glasses fogged up I think my eyebrows burned leave that there for 25 minutes and I'll be back and now I'm going to take thetemperature it's a little over so we're good

theflip over nailed it nailed it nailed it how I know I nailed it is that it's gota good color it's got a good feeling and most importantly you have to have squarecorners on all sides so Ryan's tip really helped me I padded this in reallywell I think I

might have had a breakthrough for all of you chefs withthe spatula so now we're gonna let this cool now we have the perfect breadalmost six hours later we are done my glasses are off I might or might not bewearing sweatpants under here I don't know it's almost four

o'clock we've letthe bread sit for an hour there are a few pleasures greater for me than asimple sandwich it's something I've been making almost every day for lunch duringthis time you answered okay hi okay so I have the finished product to show you how did it turn out

is it beautiful okay I'm just gonna tell you that itturned out perfectly and it's all because of you I'm not a fashiondesigner anymore I make bread okay that's it our meal is prepared but we'renot at the final step yet no meal in this houseis complete without the sippy

cup remember to like and subscribe and tellme in the comments what you would like to see me do next week I don't thinkanything will turn out as perfectly as this had but I will try and I'm wishingeveryone a great week see ya