INFINITE OUTFIT PATTERNS FARM! Marvel's Avengers Legendary Vendor Cosmetics Reset Exploit/Glitch

Hello, hello everyone, Vlad again and as Ihave promised you, well a couple of hours ago, in the second Marvel’s Avengers videoguide for today we will talk about infinite patterns.

So here we are and for those of you who followmy channel let me tell you that we are going to use the same Marvel’s Avengers glitchwe have used until now but there is a small tweak.

So, if you guys watched my previous videos, you can skip the first part because you already know what to do.

But we also have to assume that maybe we havenew friends who watch this video and because of that I’ll go really quick over the latestMarvel’s Avengers exploit we have used.

Therefore, if you are new to my channel, thisInfinite Patterns farming method uses an old video game trick which requires us to turnback our console’s internal clock.

I am going to show you how it’s done onPlayStation 4 but if you need help trying this on PC or Xbox in the comments section, you’ll find two useful videos.

The first one is from one of my videos andshows what to do on the PC, while the second one shows how to change the date and timeon Xbox.

Good, so the first step on PS4 is to completelyexit the game.

Then we will go to the network, then we willdisable our internet connection.

Next, we will start the game’s campaign.

Once we do that, we will start accepting alot of faction assignments and villain sectors from our faction representatives.

So, we will talk to Alisande Morales firstand accept all of the missions.

Next, we are going back to the dashboard, back to setting and here we will look for the Date And Time options.

Now we will uncheck the Adjust Daylight SavingAutomatically and we will change the date backward by one day.

Never forward.

We move one day at a time but backward.

Good then.

So now we are going to head back to AlisandeMorales and we will accept all of the new missions and assignments, then go back tothe dashboard back to date and time and change the date to the previous day.

Now obviously we will do the same with Garzaand Anthill as I have explained in my previous video.

So why are we doing this? Because our initial goal is to farm polychoronby completing the daily assignments and the villain sectors at the same time.

However, we will not discuss the polychoronagain because I already have an in-depth guide on how to farm it.

Instead, we will focus a bit on the Marvel’sAvengers Villain Sectors because as I have mentioned in my Upgrade Modules farming method, whenever you complete one, you’ll get a DNA Key.

So, the next step is to get as many DNA Keysand let me tell you that with a decent build, you can complete any Villain Sector in about7 minutes, because you will be playing these on Easy Difficulty since there is no pointto struggle when farming these.

You won’t get more DNA Keys.

The rule here is one per Villain Sector.

Good, so now that we got a lot of DNA Keys, we will be going back to the Elite Tundra Vault and we will play it on Brutal Difficulty.

Why? Because we want to maximize the rewards fromthe DNA Chests and by that, I mean the Upgrade Modules.

Remember that each DNA Chest you unlock onBrutal Difficulty contains 15 Upgrade Modules.

So in the Elite Tundra Vault Mission, althoughyou can pick any other Vault Mission, if you pick this one you’ll have to find 4 DNAChests.

The first one is behind the large gate infront of the starting point, on a platform on the left side.

The second one is further north-west insidea small building which is very well protected and requires you to solve a small puzzle.

Here you will also find a gold chest.

The next one is north-east close on top ofa tower very close to a big antenna.

It can be on the last floor or below.

And finally, we have another one which wasactually mentioned by one of my subs, behind the elite enemy in this region and the areawhere you have to save a hostage.

Just fly north and you will find it closeto the mountain and in front of a small AIM Base.

Now as you probably saw while looting thesechests, we basically got 60 Upgrade Modules simply by looting 4 DNA Chests but keep inmind that in my video, I focus only on them, but if you want to get more upgrade modulesyou can do it simply by checking all objectives Jarvis marks for you.

On top of those Upgrade Modules, we also gotpatterns and Units.

Since because of the glitch, we can farm unlimitedDNA Keys it means that we can open as many DNA Chests, we want and some of them willcontain patterns.

And honestly, that’s the best thing becauseyou also get modules, units, and obviously polychoron.

Now for the second part of this video, let’shead back to the Chimera and identify the patterns we got.

As you can guess the more outfits you haveunlocked the lower will be your chance to get new ones when you identify new patterns.

It’s quite normal.

So as you can see we have 4 patterns we gotfrom the DNA Chests.

The first one is a duplicate, the second oneis a new Outfit for Black Widow, then the third one is another duplicate and the finalone is a new outfit for Iron Man.

Not too bad right? Right, and if you remember while farming thoseDNA Chests, we also got a lot of units.

So let’s go back to Chastity and as youcan see she has a lot of Cosmetic Items she sells.

Including Legendary outfits, emotes, nameplates, and other goodies.

But here comes the trick.

Chastity’s inventory can be refreshed wheneverwe want simply by following the same rule of day reversing.

So without closing the game, we go back tothe dashboard, then back to setting and then to date and time.

Here we reverse the time by one day and whenwe return to Chastity we can see that she sells new items.

Items we can buy with the units we have farmedwhile farming polychoron, DNA Keys, Modules and Patterns.

And now you can buy any outfit you are missing, and if you can’t see it, all you have to do is to change the date.

Keep doing that and basically force-rotateChastity’s inventory but keep in mind that in order for her to change the inventory you’llhave to exit her shop.

This is quite important.

And that’s it, now you can buy any itemyou want, you can farm patterns and before we wrap this one up, three things I want tomention.

First, yes you can go online anytime you wantbut if you do this, you’ll waste time.

Second, yes you can find legendary patternsand epic patterns from DNA Chests.

And third, no you will not get banned.

So that’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed thisvideo and if you have questions, as usual, I will be here waiting for them.

Until next time, thank you for watching, havefun and stay safe!.