Kathyn Bernardo's Sexiest and Most Stylish Outfits in Pants | Preview 10 | PREVIEW

Former Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo has tried a myriad of trends throughout her career as an actress.

But her personal style has definitely bloomed in recent years.

Her sophisticated, elegant and subtly sexy dress code has cemented her status as one of Manila's best dressed.

Welcome to Preview 10, where we list down the 10 most talked about and interesting moments in fashion, beauty, culture and entertainment.

We literally saw Kathryn Bernardo grow up on screen.

From her dramatic role in the remake of hit TV series “Mara Clara” To the popular cult teen film “She's Dating the Gangster”, with long-time boyfriend Daniel Padilla, and just recently, the box office and critically acclaimed hit, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” just last year, Kathryn has proven to be a versatile and talented actress on TV and film.

Though her journey started out like any other Pinay leading lady she gravitated towards dainty ultra feminine frocks and pastel hues early in her career.

Her personal style has come into her own now she opts for sleek body-hugging dresses in crisp silhouettes, sophisticated and more grown-up embellished gowns and coordinated suits that show off her toned midriff.

She has made trousers as part of her style DNA and we couldn't get enough of the many ways Kath has shown that wearing a pair of pants could be feminine androgynous at times but also so classy and sexy.

Here we round up Kathryn's 10 most stylish and sexy outfits in pants.

Number 10 We're always excited to see what Kath's going to wear every time she visits the Aivee Clinic.

Opting for more casual outfits, the actress still looks polished and put together in her favorite pair of   jeans or trousers.

Two memorable looks instantly come into mind when talking about her Aivee 'fits.

   One is her high-waisted baggy jeans OOTD with the cutest neon blue Prada baguette and this all   black outfit in vintage fit and flare jeans made Kath look so slim and sleek.

Her matte black Chanel Boy handbag made the look even more memorable.

Number 9 We also love the actress's androgynous side when it comes to fashion.

Her trip to Tokyo back in 2019 was extra memorable for this one cool OOTD.

Here we see Kath sport a very man-repelling outfit that you can say is very borrowed from the boys.

We love this cool girl laid-back look with a patterned sweater vest, oversized coat  and baggy black jeans.

Her favorite black Ked's finishing the outfit flawlessly.

Number 8 Wide leg trousers have become part of Kath's style DNA in recent years.

In this outfit, she takes it up a notch with an edgy streetwear twist, wearing it with a long open front top and a black bandeau.

  Her stylist Jan Aranilla actually designed the matching top and bottom set.

Here's what Jan has to say about Kath's evolving style.

“It's been a dream working with Kath.

She's very open-minded   when it comes to fashion.

So she's very involved with her outfits and it's always a collaboration   between her and I.

” We definitely think Kath should try this style combo again in the future.

Number 7 As they say, when in Rome wear your best outfit ever! For Kath's OOTD at the famous Trevi Fountain, which generated half a million likes on Instagram by the way,    she opted for a dark green jumpsuit nipped at the waist with a black belt and paired   with chunky combat boots, while her page boy hat shielded her face from the sun.

The icing on top   of this lust-worthy look? Her quilted Lady Dior bag that just looks exquisite in all her snaps.

Number 6 Kathryn has mastered wearing monochromatic outfits.

In this dreamy custom atelier Patty Ang suit, Kath flaunts the color pink like no other.

Matching her makeup to her pink   pantsuit, that's embellished with the designer's signature ostrich feather trim, the actress   definitely made head's turn when she arrived in this look for the 2019 ABS-CBN Christmas special.

The silhouette also makes Kath look visibly taller and slimmer, not that she needs to be.

Number 5 You can say that this is Kath's go-to style formula that wows.

The actress has perfected   looking flawlessly sophisticated and cool, in a matching blazer and pants   with a basic white cropped tee.

Of course, her abs are front and center and punctuate the look even further.

These two candy colored outfits definitely stand out.

Kathryn's stylists Kim and Boop Yap   tell Preview the secret to pulling off a look like this.

“The best and safest way to pull off a pant   and blazer jacket look is to keep it monochromatic.

This way it will look cohesive and balanced.

Just make sure that the blazer jacket paired would be the exact same shade.

” True enough the morena's warm tan looks even better in these pastel outfits.

And in another OOTD she steps out in pastel pink   in a very unexpected way.

And wears pink paper bag waist trousers with a fiery red sleeveless top.

A color combination that is both runway and  Princess Diana approved.

This look is actually   one of Kim and Boop Yap's favorite outfits on the actress, too.

Number 4 Kathryn undeniably loves a flattering pair of high-waisted jeans.

For this fun shoot for her Instagram photographed by Shaira Luna, Kathryn channels her inner flower child wearing light blue denims and a nude ribbed tank top.

Herr brown hair styled in very loose blow-dried waves for an even dreamier and sexier look.

The outfit looks like it came straight out of a '70s photobook and were obsessed.

Number 3 For this 2015 Preview editorial feature on Kath's longtime makeup artist Denise Go Ochoa   her stylists Kim and Boop Yap put her in a shoulder bearing and form-fitting neoprene jumpsuit to   complement Denise's all black ensemble.

Though only headshots made it to the printed magazine   we still think that the behind-the-scenes photos snapped by Kim and Boop prove how head-to-toe   white looks so good on Kath.

Here's what Kim and Boop has to say about Kathryn's love for pants.

“Kathryn started to gravitate towards trousers and pants because of comfort and practicality.

Pants in general don't restrict your movement as opposed to dresses and skirts.

”  In a more casual OOTD styled by Kim and Boop, Kath wears all white again but this time with   a sporty twist.

The actress wears a breezy light jacket over a sports bra and her signature wide leg trousers.

And of course Kathryn'skiller abs are front and center in this OOTD.

Number 2 This outfit proves that wide-leg trousers are a petite girl's best friend.

Paired with sky-high platform heels.

hidden and not seen of course, they give an illusion of covetable long legs.

Kim and Boop tell Preview, “for Kath semi-flared and wide-leg pants make her legs look long and statuesque.

While tailored trousers accentuate her beautiful figure.

” For the Preview Best Dressed dinner back in September 2019, Kath wore an orange suit by designer Rosenthal Tee and definitely made   jaws drop when she entered Manila Pen.

Her best accessory though must be her equally stylish   partner Daniel Padilla, who brought the much needed rock and roll swag to the night.

Number 1 For Daniel Padilla's birthday party, Kath surprised everyone   when she decided to wear the most daring blazer and trousers outfit combination yet.

   Opting to wear only a white bandeau top, the  shortest and most revealing to date, under her   checkered blazer, the actress turned heads in this look that was all grown up, sexy but still   so undeniably sophisticated.

If this outfit was an indication of things to come it proved that   Kathryn would rock even more memorable pantsuit looks that will eventually make her a style icon.

One thing is certain about Kathryn's love for pants: she rocks any outfit combination in them and   has proven that leading ladies don't need all the frills to make a fashion statement.

For Kathryn why only dress like a princess if you can rock  a pair of pants to be your own prince charming?.