Kimora Lee Simmons Mentors 12-Year-Old Fashion Designer At Baby Phat's Headquarters

– This is my Whole Lotta Woman Hour, and in honor of International Women's Day, we're checking in withsome of the gifted girls I've paired with successfulwomen, who inspired them.

A few weeks ago, I surpriseda 12 year old fashionista with Baby Phat founder, Kimora Lee Simmons.

Check it out.

(Electronic whooshing) How did you get into designing clothes? – When I was eight, me and my mom were cleaning out my closet.

I was like, mom, I don'twanna give away my clothes, I wanna upcycle them.

So she's like, what's upcycling? (Audience laughs) So, I told her what it was, and she enrolled me inprivate sewing lessons.

– But I do have a surprise for Skylar, the woman behind Baby Phat and so many other successful businesses, (audience gasps) Kimora Lee Simmons, come on out! (upbeat rock music) – I brought you a little something here.

And we just wanna tell youhow proud we are of you.

And if you would be willing, I would like to accept you under my wing, (Audience gasps)and offer you a mentorship.

(Audience screams and claps) – What do you think? (Kimora laughs) – Oh.

– Yeah!(audience cheers and claps) Please welcome Kimora Lee Simmons, y'all.

(upbeat rock music)(audience cheers and claps) – Hi, how are you?- Nice to see you.

– Nice to see you.

(Applause) – I feel like I didn't mean to do this but I invited like two beautiful models to sit next to for an hour.

It's fine, I feel great about myself.

So have you all meet before? – Yes- We have – We kind of go way back in the 90s in New York, I think.

– [Kelly] Wow – I can tell you all those stories – [Kelly] How very TLC I like it – On another show for Woman's day (Laughter) – Well Kimora so since the show have you been able tohang out with Skylar? or do anything with Skylar? – Of course yes.

So she came to New York.

We brought her to New York and um she came into our studio or”atelier Casa de Kimora.

” That's not really what's it called it's our Baby Phat head quarter – I want you to call it that it sounds fancy.

– And she, we put her straight to work she had sketches, we'velectured, we've mentored, we've reviewed all her things, we've brought some things to life she went all over the city.

– [Kelly] Well New York is awesome she checked out fabric houses, yeah.

– I would walk into those placesthough and be overwhelmed, and y'all walk in and get inspired I'd be like there's so much fabric! (laughter) like, I mean like I do that like a Joanne just making quilts.

(laughter) So a few weeks ago Kimora offered to mentor an extremelytalented twelve year-old fashionista, let's see what happened when they met up in New York.

(Upbeat music) – Today is going to be a really big day because I'm taking my first step to being a real fashion designer.

– Hi!- Hi! – Welcome to Casa de Kimora, I'll show you around a little bit.

Skylar has a lot of passion for design and as a business woman andentrepreneur and a mother, it's very important forme to work and empower the dreams of young designersand young women everywhere.

So why don't you come into my office and we can chit-chat about some things and I can see whatyou've brought me today.

– I cannot wait to have a go at my fashion ideas with her.

I'm really excited to show her my designs and I'm super excited to see what she says about it.

Oh, here are some of my designs, this one is just likea opposite of a dress with like a wrap-around type skirt.

This one is like a balloonsleeve with like a curve.

– That's really cute.

I'm gonna have to wear that.

(Skylar laughs) Her designs and her sketches are exciting and vibrant and fun and it shows a littlebit of her personality.

– This one is, I actually sketched this one last night.

I was little bit nervous to see what she had to say, but you have to have tough skin even when they say that they're not gonna use your designs.

(Suspenseful Music) – Okay I see a lot of things here I feel like we should work with.

I definitely think we should take these back to the design team, and then we could cranksome of these thing out.

All the sketches are really great, but the red stands out to me a lot because you can dressit up or dress it down, you can put it with a blazer.

So we can absolutely help her create that top and that pants.

This is the team this is Caesar, Megan and Karen.

This is my little Skylar.

– When I walked in today I did not think that we would actually beable to make an outfit, and I think this is just gonna be amazing.

– So you matching this over that, and your belting.

– Yeah like that.

– Boom! We're going, we're going.

So this is where it's all starts.

– Before this I really only just had me working on all of my outfits.

– So it starts with your sketch, and now that you've chosen a fabric, we'll create a pattern then we'll work it and check in with the measurements, and things along the way.

– Yes, and then start assembling them.

It's like building a house.

– When you've been in thebusiness as long as I have, you look more towards creating a legacy.

So I think it when you can look back and someone says you know you helped me you helped me create, you helped me design, you helped me realize my vision.

That is how I measure success.

And next time we seeyou this will be done.

– Cool! I definitely won't forget this day, because I think that one day I'll be a big designer and see that this iswhere it all like began.

(audience applauds) – All right so that is, I just love seeing ayoung woman like that bold and that like just projected, she said, “I will be.

” Like she didn't say, “I want to be”, she said, “I will be a big designer.

” And I'm like projectingthat is everything.

– Absolutely.

– Wow! – Speak it! – Yeah, you have to.

So what's the most important thing that you felt like youwanted to teach Skylar? – I wanted her to know, first of all I wanted her to understand which she did touch on rejection.

You may go places, I make it all the time, I make stuff all the time and all the magazinesthat everybody write it, they say I hate it.

– Mm hmm.

– Or they say I love it.

You have to be able tolike roll with the punches.

Like she said it, have a thick skin so I wanted her to understand that.

But beyond that, I wantedher to understand that the sky is the limit.

That you can be a girl boss, you can be a woman designer.

(Crowd applause.

) You can be a mom and a businesswoman.

You can be you know who you are, we are who we are, and we can get it done.

So there's no labelsor titles or boundaries that should hold us back- [Kelly] Yeah no limits – No limits- Yeah.

So Kimora's team was able toput together Skylar's design and she's here to show it off.

Come on out! (Upbeat music) – So cute (Cheering) – Come on over! You look so good!- Thank you.

– Oh my gosh! You did this! Look at that team work! Come on over! – Wow, hi!- Sit down with us.

– How are you? That's Liv.

– Hey nice to meet you.

Hello how are you? You look beautiful.

– Thank you – And I'm just saying you had your arms behind your back, I'll be like girl when you look that good.

Just walk with those arms proud.

(All laughing) I'm like so sway sway.

you look so cute, the hair everything, the whole look is nice.

Was this exciting? What was your favorite part? – So I mean I love NewYork but my favorite part was definitely getting tosee like how the team works.

And like when she comesin, like her presence everybody is just like oh let me, like they're ready to help her.

(Audience laughs) – That's a girl boss! Hey! – And you can just tellthat everybody like loves working with her.

– That's amazing, hey that does say a lot about people, yes.

– I really just wanted to thank you for having like, you have like a whole bunch of jobs, you have kids, I just want to thank you for like, you know, having me.

You're hugging me.

– You're welcome.

You look amazing.

– Thank you.

– This came out good.

You did this under the gun.

– That's amazing like would you.



this is adorable! – The back details are amaze– – I know the back did y'all see it? Stand up, let's show them that back again.

Look how cute that is.

(Applause) – [Kelly] So cute.

– Amazing.

– It's cute.

– I can see you in that, you're already wearing like a red kinda orange.

– [Liv] Yes.

– So Kimora you have one more surprise for everyone though right? – Yes so when Skylar brought in her design she has like every gooddesigner has a sketch book and I being me I'm like, “I want that and we have to make thatand we have to do that.

” So we did this outfit for her.

– Yeah.

– She created it, sketchedit, we assembled it, manufactured it if you would, and made it come to life.

And then I have onanother one of her designs from her sketch book.

– This is you? Wait stand up for us! (Applause) – [Kelly] Look it's amazing – [Skylar] Thank you – [Kelly] Look at that! – Now I didn't make thesleeve as voluminous cause mama is already a little voluminous.

I took it down–(Laughter) A little point tuck at the top.

But yeah this is hers.

– That's almost like a coolred carpet version too.

The voluminous? – These are our SkylarBaby Phat colabarations.

– [Kelly] That is amazing!- We're on our way, we're working for you.

(Laughter) – Are you loving it? Did you just love being in the building? Everything just soaking it all in? – Yeah it was.



I learned a lot.

– That's so cool! That is so cool, what a blessing?.