making an entire tie dye outfit

Oh my god, there's a bug on my lens This is why I don't normally film out here.

Well, you should have to deal with it.

Oh My god, it's an ice cream truck Hi guys, welcome back to my channel and welcome to my backyard We're filming this video outside because today we're doing something so unique so groundbreaking never before done We're gonna tie-dye I know this is a little basic.

I'm very excited cuz in Los Angeles we are still on lockdown Not only are we still in it? but we are going to continue to still be in it until August and it's May so like I have to figure out You know something to do and this seems like it's gonna be a lot of fun But I'm honestly not sure Because the last time I ever tie-dyed something was actually for another YouTube video, but it was years ago I think I was legitimately in eighth grade.

The video was still on my channel it's Actually, so frightening.

I hope none of you go to watch it It was a different time.

Anyway, I'm almost 24 now.

So it's been a really long time since I've tie-dyed laughs and so yeah I'm excited.

I bought this really big kit.

It has lots of colors.

Okay? I Picked up this fat kit from Michael's curbside because you know We can't enter any establishment.

I also heard just a lot of white clothing I'm going to craft an entire outfit and yeah, I really I think it's gonna look really bad I am I shouldn't say that.

It's gonna look really good.

So I don't know what I'm fucking around for.

We should just do this 16 gloves That's all I give you or sixteen gloves, that's it Okay, so I have a bunch of these bottles of dye with no water only instruction I have is to add water How much? Finn what? I've got my hose.

Let's open this bottle.

This is a bad idea.

I feel like oh, no, that's perfect Just do like a gentle stream This sh*t be staining as hell I'm gonna put on these gloves and wear these gloves for the rest of it I should have done this from the beginning Oh My god bar guys, we have all the die Done.

So now it's time to start.

I think you just you know for the classic tide, I do little twists Okay Yes Okay I think this will turn out pretty cool All right, let's start on with this shirt and make something fun I'm gonna pinch it three times instead of one and see if anything interesting happens.

One two three and then twist Let's do this magenta Oh, it's hot okay Shirt number two.

We only have one more shirt left, so Let's do something even more fun thinking was this like like like Scrunch it up and I'm thinking we'll do some strange colors yellow.

It's gonna be one of them.

Yeah This looks like urine after I haven't drank for six days.

I think I'm gonna do blue.

We try to not hit the yellow but In the places it does hit.

It'll turn green.

Oh, okay.

Do these ugly colors together? I Hate this, yeah, maybe we should just make it rainbow now that we're here.

Let's put the purple More green, this is so ugly orange squeeze it in the holes.

Let's just add some fun like orange Holes, let's do red.


This one's cool.


Sorry it didn't not dislike Okay, this could be the coolest looking shirt or the ugliest one we'll find out I'll wear this event.


Now we're gonna do a pair of shorts Okay, now we're gonna do a pair of shorts Okay, now we're gonna do a pair of shorts Yeah, also, I want to make an outfit here.

It's obviously not gonna be with ollie one It's gonna be with with either the pink or the blue So it's whether or not I want to outfit or app outfit.

I think I want I Think on a path it Okay, this is ugly why am I so bad at this guy's am I doing this right There's more of a technique that can be used That's read it off I'm so upset but saran wrap this and just be done with it.

I never want to see it again Pal fit okay now we're gonna do socks As a part of the POW fit we need to do two pink socks This is ugly, you know, like at least you don't wear socks all the time like sometimes maybe you take your socks off So I literally never want to see the color pink ever again.

Okay Well, that's an amazing color green This looks like our earth and you know what I love our earth.

So I really love these socks Guys, why are these all so ugly like this or something for the last pair of socks? I think I'm just gonna stick to one color.

Do you like that color in white because I Don't know.

I don't know how this is turning out.

I really am afraid that color is purple.

We're gonna do purple and white socks Amazing amazing brilliant, beautiful Gorgeous.


last but definitely least because I bought this during self checkout at Target and forgot to Take the magnetic tag off and I walked out the door and the alarm went off and I said what I bought everything nothing's wrong here and I Kept going.

I got in my car.

I got home it still had the tag on it.

So I ripped it off It's this punch there is a giant hole at the bottom of this but we're gonna pretend it is not there Alright, we're gonna do blue This will probably be the coolest thing that I've made to be honest just because it's like all one color done So all we have to do now is wait six to eight hours, which is a long time So I will see you in 68 hours with the final product and we will Find out whether or not any of these are wearable The answer is probably no I'll see you in six eight hours Okay, hi it's been so many hours it's literally past midnight right now I'm so So look I'm like really tried my best to not look at them at all because I want to look for the first time with you guys I think They all turned out like oh the blue t-shirt.

Oh, yeah.

I'm so nervous.

I just feel like these are all so ugly.

Oh My god this looks like Blue's Clues It does definitely look pretty wearable on camera, I'm not mad about it in real life It looks like see what's next.

Oh Wow That looks like you didn't know you were tight, I like those I go up to the side and you accidentally I don't know.

This could look really good.

I feel like it may be kind of cool.

Oh This one actually has the opposite effect it looks shitty err on camera I swear to God I love that it goes so well with the t-shirt that you made that you're wearing under it Here I'm in the blue side, they're not tie-dyed at all like absolutely not tight at all Why is it yellow around the edges like that you do? Mm-hmm in the front too No, but I think all right.

So I guess this is a part one to the PAL fit It's awful this literally looks like I got stains all over a white shirt These are supposed to be my pink sock would you ever guess that I tie-dyed these today? Okay, actually kind of cute wait till you see these guys on me very cute.

This looks like something that you'd see on your Instagram over and over again like an invasive ad that would sell each piece of the set for like $80 Eh, so I'm pretty satisfied with this.

Let me put on the pink socks to finish the outfit check that out you guys Wow this looks so dope Okay, so there is only one more item left in this bag and it is the t-shirt with like every single color on it that I thought was gonna be really fun.

So Let's see how this turned out.

I'm actually quite frightened There's a lot of orange on it That's my only like problem with this shirt is there's like too much orange Another problem is like I think I made this in middle school.

Like I think I already own this Okay I'm really all about the belphin.

I'm gonna put this back on.

Okay, this this feels like my final form I'm actually very satisfied with this pal fit Except for the socks.

I'm not really that great.

Um, honestly not things are really that great I'm never gonna do this again But I did enjoy doing it.

Like it definitely made me laugh So, I hope that this video made you laugh and if it did then make sure to give it a big thumbs Also leave a comment down below just saying anything cuz I love reading your comments and yeah, I think that is pretty much it for this week's video hope you guys are doing well.

I don't know why I'm saying that at the end the video.

And I will see you all next Saturday with another new video.