Rating My Wife's Pregnancy Outfits

– What's up ninjas?- What's up ninjas? – This is– Slice.

– And.


– I'm getting ready to rate, Glory's pregnancy outfits.

– This is gonna be a complete surprise.

And, it might get a little hot in here, you know what I'm saying? (Glory laughs) – The sun is out.

– So he's gonna rate them, on a scale of one to five.

And let me tell you, Isaved the best for last.

– Oh.

Is the baby gonna pop out or somethin'? (Glory laughs) – No I can't do that! – Oh I know you– Dang you gettin' big!(Glory laughs) Oh my goodness.

– Dude, I've gotten big big like– – That's like a Mickey Mouse torso.

(Glory laughs) – All right, I'm ready.

– All right, ready? Close! – I hate when you.

– The eyes! All right Matty, close your eyes.

– They closed.

(Glory shrieks) – Oh god! Oh my gosh.

– I'm sorry! (beep) (shrieking) Why'd you do that? – 'Cause I saw what I looked like, and I just couldn't help but scream.

– Can I open my eyes? – Open! (Glory laughs) – What am I looking at? It's just green– – What do you mean? – Are you a avocado? – Yes!(claps hands) – What the heck? – You know that video where he's like, “it's an avocado, thanks!” (Glory laughs) – I didn't know what you were at first.

I thought that was a giant nut.

(Glory laughs) A nut that you eat.

– Basically the baby isthe seed of the avocado.

– Our child is not an avocado.

– Matty, this is brilliant.

This is literally brilliant.

– That looks weird.

– Not it doe– Yeah you can feel it.

– No I'm just feeling the- (Glory laughs) The texture.

– So what do you think of it? What do you rate this, ona scale of one to five? – One to five? – Yes.

– This gets a solid, two.

(ding) – WHAT THE? – Yes, it gets a solid two.

– Matty! Wait why? – I don't eat avocados.

– Do you not know whatan avocado looks like? – I know what a avocadolooks like, you have plenty! That gets a two.

– Matty, what? – But hopefully it goes up from here.

– Ugh it will.

– Return.

(Matt laughs) – All right Matty.

Cue the sexy music.

– What?(Glory laughs) I don't hear anything.

(sensual music)I guess you're doin' this.

(Glory laughs) Did you touch my butt? – No!(Glory laughs) You wish.


– Uh.

(Glory laughs) (triumphant music) – What the heck?(Glory laughs) – Matty you don't like it? Look! It's pretty.

– This somethin' you wear whenyou're trying to have a twin.

Okay, you look a little flowyyou know what I'm sayin'? Look at my little red balloon.

(Glory laughs) – Do you like it? – Looks pretty nice.

What are you? Glory what are you? (sensual music) Oh okay I see what this is.

(Glory laughs) That's a straight shot at the cheeks.

Where are we going with this channel? Yeah girl, just fly all over me.

– What do you rate it ona scale of one to five? – About like a, like a four.

– A four, okay.

– I like it, I like it.

My little red balloon.

I just wanna pop you girl.

(Glory laughs) Did you fart?(Glory laughs) Why did you do that? That was definitely a fart.

(fart noise) All right.

– We gonna step it up from this.

– Better watch out, Cliffordmight come get you girl.

(Glory laughs) Walkin' like Clifford.

Lookin' like a red crayon, I see you.

(harp music) – All right Matty, we're steppin' it up, remember what I said? Okay okay.

(Glory laughs) It's 'cause the audiencegets to see it before you, so it was like— I could've popped my eyes out man! – And three, two, one.

(Glory laughs)- What the? Oh my gosh! What? – You love it? – That is a bun in the oven.

– [Glory] In the oven yes Matty.

– Whose cheeks? – That's our baby, our baby's doing that.

– My baby is in there, with his cheeks to the camera already? This is actually pretty funny.

Well why does his cheekshave two lighter spots? – It's like the reflection.

– Oh, like he's pressin' the cheek up against the oven.

– Yeah, he's like literally in the oven.

My stomach.

One to five, come on.

– This one here.

– Yes.

– It's my favorite one out of all of 'em, I give it a– I give it a five.

(Glory cheers) That's my personality.

– Are you kidding? – Yo his butt is so big, hecan't even look behind him.

– Oh my gosh, a five? We're still steppin' it up though.

– Yeah all right.

– No, I swear.

– How many more we got? – We got two more.

– All right.

– All right.


All right Matty.

(Glory mumbles something) – What? Wait what did you say?(Glory laughs) Why are you laughin' so hard? I don't like this already.

– [Glory] I might have to do a voice.

– Wait!(Glory laughs) Wait why are you doing that? – [Glory] Listen.

I might have to do avoice change for this one.

(Glory laughs)(ominous music) – What are you the wickedwitch of the wicked west? – Okay, close your eyes.

(Glory hisses) – Ew.

Are you an animal or what, why are you making allthese sound effects? – Okay Matt.

– What are you doing? – Wait that's not theright voice, hold on.

– Who you trying to be? Ew.

What was that?- Hold on.

(Glory mumbles) (Glory laughs)- Are you okay? Are you dying? – You ready to open your eyes?(ominous music) – No, because I'm afraidof what I might see.

(Glory claps hands)You sound creepy.

– Okay.

In three.


– Stranger danger.

– One.


– What the–(Glory laughs) What the heck? – You know who I am? Hey Matthew, you know who I am? – I'm tryna pro- What are you supposed to be, Winnie the Pooh?- Yes! – Wait, what voice was that? – That's Winnie the Pooh.

– No, you sounded like acreepy version of Mickey Mouse.

– Hi Matthew, you know who I am? Okay, you do a betterimpression of Winnie.

– What, Winnie? Oh, I would like some honey.

– That's exactly how I sounded! – No, you sounded creepy.

– Okay well, tell me thisisn't the most creative thing you've ever laid your eyes on? It's a regular outfit, butI look like Winnie the Pooh.

– No you don't!(Glory laughs) You look like you'retrying to trick some kids.

I mean if it was Halloween I mean I guess.

Winnie doesn't do that.

(Glory laughs) – This is all Amazon from head to toe.

– So you searched Winnie the Pooh on– – No, I literally searched mustard skirt.

And then I put red croptop, yellow hat with balls.

(Glory laughs) See, you thought I boughtit like this, which means, you gotta give me more credit.

– I mean if you walkedout in public like that, I don't know you.

(Glory laughs) – What about without the hat like– Just be like, hey boy, do you wanna go to the movies with me? (Glory laughs) – I would think I'm beingset up for something.

– What do you think?- For creativity, Uhhh I give you like a 3.


– What! – You get about a 3.


If only you knew what mommy was doin'.

– Boy.

'Cause get it, 'cause like Winnie the Pooh he's like big 'cause heloves to eat so much, he likes to eat— Yes, you don't have to explain Winnie.

Wait do that voice again.

– Oh Matthew, you excitedto see what I'm wearing? (Glory laughs) – You're still laughing? Wait, calm down.

This is a laughter overload.

Why did you do that with your body? – 'Cause I couldn't fall back.

– It was like you malfunctioned.

'Cause you couldn't fall back!? So that's what you do? You have to shake?- Oh shoot.


This is a five out of five.

– You literally did this.

(Glory laughs) You okay? – Crying a little bit.

– You were crying laughing? (Glory laughs) – All right, so you gaveit a 3.

5 for my creativity, but as an outfit.

Or was that your rating? – A 3 for outfit.

– Oh my gosh.

Matthew! – Oh she used the full first name.

And you made me talk to the hand!? – All right well, this next one.

– Is this the one you say that— Yes it tops everything.

– I, will be the judge of– – If I know you, you'llactually really like it.

Okay? So close, the eyes.

– You want me to guess? – Uhhh sure.

– All right, I am ready.

– [Glory] I don't think you actually are.

(Matt laughs) What do you mean?- Close your eyes! Close your— You don't think I'm actually are.

– This is literally like the grand finale.

– Okay.

What the? (Glory laughs) Was that a tail or something? That's–(Glory laughs) So don't put— What? Don't open your eyes.

– Yo, babe you sound wild yo.

Are you okay? Are you okay? – I'm positioning myself.

– You're positioning yourself, what the heck are you wearing? – Ready? – Yes, I'm ready.

Do you have a tail? – Open! – Why you yell at me.

(Glory laughs)(Matt shrieks) (Matt laughs) – Matty, look! – Don't touch me.

Don't touch me with that.

– Matty, isn't this so good? 'Cause I'm pregnant so it like it works.

– Ew.

What? (Matt laughs)Don't touch me.

Get off of me.

I did not expect this.

(Glory laughs) – I told you I wouldsave the best for last.

– Ew!(utter squeaks) Why do you hav— Yeah.

Why don't you feel them? Want some milk? (rock music)(Glory laughs) – Ew, that is gross.

– Isn't this so good? And yes it was a tail.

– Is this supposed to be apregnancy Halloween outfit? – I don't know but Ithought it was perfect.

I saved the best for last didn't I? (Glory laughs) (Matt laughs) Oh, man down! – Oh.

I gotta FaceTime.

What time is it? (energetic piano music) My man, oh.

(fast forward voices) Okay here we go.

(shrieking) (laughing) – Get a close up.

– Oh my god.

– Oh.

– What do you guys think? – Wow.

– Use that Chick-fil-A Day! – Oh yeah Chick-fil-A, I forgot! – Oh we could get a free sandwich man! Yes I don't know if this isgood for the baby or not, you can let me know.

– What the–(Glory laughs) (laughing) Are they cow utters? – Get a close up.

– What? What did you guys get that for? (Glory laughs) – It's for the baby.

– It's for Glory when she breastfeeds.

(Glory laughs) It's a hose that connects to her breast, so then she can feed the baby.

That way she don't have to hold him.

He could be in the crib and he could just.

(Glory laughs) – No, no, no, no.

– You don't think thisis good for the baby? – No.

And you probably spent a lotof money for that thing too.

– It was only three-thousand dollars.

– Yeah, well you could havegiven me that three-thousand.

(Glory laughs) – This the modern way of breastfeeding.

– No, that's just being lazy.

Because–(Glory laughs) So you hold the baby in your lap, no.

No, that's, no.

– But ma she might get tired.

– Then feed the babythrough the bottle then.

– Well we want it as natural as possible.

(Glory laughs)- Natural.

– So this is the closest thing, is feedin' him with utters.

It's just a longer nipple.

– No.

– And he has a bunch of options, like if he's tired of one, they all work.

– No.

I don't even know why y'all bought that.

– Because it's for this.

You are on YouTube mother! – What? – You're on YouTube.

(Matt laughs) – All right Matty.

So you didn't rate it yet.

One to five.

– This one right here, is a ten.

(Glory laughs) If there was a suction cup on the nip nip, the utters came out of– – That would be pretty dope.

– It would be a ten out of ten.

But you know what, thisis my favorite outfit.

And if you guys really like these videos, definitely check out theplaylist at the very end because we got more funny stuff.

And as always, I got the slice.

– I got the rice.

Ha ha ha ha ha!- Ha ha ha ha ha! Pow! You're gonna shootin' that joint out like.

– Should I keep or return this? – Yo we got free chicken sandwiches, what you talkin' 'bout man?- I know.

(Glory laughs).