– Welcome back, my lovelies.

Today, I want to share withyou non-maternity outfits that work and look super cutewhen you're really pregnant.

For example, I am 39 weeks and two days.

These outfits, I wanted tokeep them very comfortable, very functional, and this is something that I already had in mycloset or something similar that I had pre-pregnancy, or I'm even shopping now when I'm going to givebirth so I can wear it when I have the baby.

So something functional, somethingreally cute, comfortable.

And of course, it's gonnashow off that beautiful beautiful pregnant belly.

Let's begin.

First outfit is whatI'm wearing right now.

It's a button up dress.

Super casual, but youcan really dress it up with really cute sandals, a hat like I'm wearing, and it's really cute.

I like that it buttons up, so once the baby is born, I can just unbutton it and I can feed my child very discreetly.

And it's just a very functionalbut super cute dress.

It's very airy, it's very flowy, and I think a lot of youwill be super comfortable in this type of an outfit.

I do want to say something really quick regarding dresses like this.

You can find them at Free People.

This one is from Free People.

But what I want to say isyes, the dresses are somewhat really, not like superexpensive, but they're definitely I would say an investment piece, just because I think the quality, most of their dresses are beautiful.

They wear, they wash very well.

And like I said, you can wearthem when you're not pregnant and when you're very pregnant.

So that's why I will shopat places like Free People, 'cause I know the quality is really great and you can find somereally beautiful pieces that are non-maternity.

Next outfit is a very flowy, very dressy type of a skirt that's kind of like a statement.

This one is super cute from ASOS.

And the one thing I do wantto say is even though this doesn't have like an elastic waistband, this one is still prettygood 'cause it can go like all the way up underneath the girls.

So it still fits really nicely.

But I do recommend somethingwith an elastic waistband so you can just keep your regular size.

For this one, I just went up one size that I was pre-pregnancy, but I can still wear this when I have the baby andmaybe do like a belt around if it's going to be a little bit loose.

But it's super flowy, verycomfortable, and again, it's kind of like a statementpiece, but very comfortable.

And I like to pair it witha very simple, white T, or you can even do a black Tor whatever color you'd like.

But something like thisthat's a little bit oversized.

What I like to do withthe top with the T-shirt is literally take it, kindof scrunch it to one side.

And instead of doing a knot, I bring it right underneath my bra to keep it nice and secure.

And I just think this little outfit really shows off that belly.

You look really cute andyou feel very comfortable, and you look very comfortable.

Skirts like this are so popularand in-season right now, that are just kind of thatsatiny, slippy style material.

I like the style of this one.

And then just a simple white T-shirt.

This is from All Saints, butI got it on sale form ASOS.

But like a simple white T-shirt, you could find it very inexpensive.

Just maybe go up one size tomake it a little bit more baggy or you can stick to your normal size to give it more of likea bodycon style look, so it's not as flowy or loose.

Next outfit is also anotherskirt with a dressier button down white top.

This one is a little bitsexy, 'cause I like how tight the skirt is, and it alsohas a really nice high slit.

I think this one is beautifulfor like date nights, or just when you're feelinga little bit more, you know, confident (laughs) alittle more sexy, you know? You want something to kind of show off your body a little bit more.

You can definitely pairit with sandals, sneakers, maybe some loafers to keep it super chill, or pair it for some kind ofheels for like date night.

So something like this, again, very comfy.

Everything's kind of verytight and really showing off the bump, and I like that it's showing off a little bit of the leg, thelittle slit just on one side.

And I think this is just, it'sbeautiful on pregnant women, gorgeous, even when you're not pregnant.

I just, I think a skirt likethis, when it's a little bit of like a midi lengthwith a slit on one side, very beautiful, very like chicand like confident, you know? It's like ooh, she'swearing it type of a deal.

But something like this, this little button down white shirt, this is from Target.

You can find them, they'repretty inexpensive.

And I just kind of likerolled up the sleeves to make it a little bit less business.

You know what I mean? A little, it's more casual, it's not so businessforward or super dressy.

And then this little skirt is from ASOS.

And the material is actually really nice.

It's very stretchy.

This is just my regularpre-pregnancy size, and it just stretches really nicely and I can still wear thisafter I have the baby and I can still feel very comfortable and confident when I wear it.

Moving onto one of myfavorite outfits for pregnant, when you're reallypregnant, is a beautiful really kind of tightmidi dress that's ribbed with a cropped sweater.

I just think this isthe cutest thing ever.

It really accentuates the pregnant belly.

And it just looks so cute and so chic, and something about this speaks to me.

I love this outfit.

It really accentuates the bump, but you're very comfortable, as well.

I just, I love this, and Ilike the monochromatic look.

You can definitely put like beige very similar type of shoeson, sandals, sneakers, to really make it monochromatic.

But I just think somethinglike this is so beautiful and definitely one ofthe essentials to have even pre-pregnancy.

Ribbed mini dressedwith slits on the side.

I just, I love that 'cause itreally accentuates the legs.

Especially if you're short like I am, it really kind of I think helps keep kind of the outfit flowing andit doesn't look restrictive on the body, I don'tknow how to explain that.

But then pairing it withlike a little cropped little sweater I think super cute, and I like where it hitsright where the belly starts.

Really accentuates the belly.

And then this right here, the dress, it's basically a spaghetti strap dress that I like that it's a V neck.

I can wear this withoutthe little cropped sweater and I can still feed mybaby if this is something that I want to wear afterpre, after pregnancy, and just maybe pair itwith like a denim jacket, or I could even pair it withlike a white little button down and tie it again at the top.

So many different looks you can do with this little outfit.

And both are from ASOS, if you're wondering.

ASOS just has some really good options that you don't, that is notgonna break your wallet, not gonna break the bank, and you can wear it before, during, and after pregnancy.

Keeping with the dresses, I love slip dresses and slip skirts, especiallywhen you're pregnant and you're very faralong in your pregnancy.

They're so comfortable.

I like the way they flowand move with the body, especially with the belly.

I just think there's something about it.

And pairing this right herewith something like this.

This is actually a set.

But you can definitelydo something like this, like a cropped T-shirt, and it really will accentuate the belly and I think it's just super comfy.

Just this outfit in general, I just love and I think it's adorable when you're pregnant, and it's comfy.

Did I say it was comfy? Very comfy.

Something like this, alittle slip midi dress that is either likesatin or silk material, you can find them prettymuch anywhere right now.

Again, they're very in-trend, very in-season right now.

So I wouldn't spend too much money unless you really want to invest into like a silk slip dress.

But I like it because it is, again, it has spaghetti straps and it's a V neck so you know, if I want to feed the baby, I can just, you know, pick this up, pull a little blanketaround me and the baby, and it's nice and discreet.

Or I can just wear, just take this shirt off and pair this dress withlike a denim jacket.

Or like I said, if it's different seasons, like if it's colder, I could pair it with like a cropped little sweater to make it a little bit warmer, and then maybe wear some boots with this.

So this next outfit iskind of like a two in one, how I like to style biker shorts.

I honestly never thought I wasgonna get into biker shorts.

But getting pregnant, it's getting hot outside.

Biker shorts are awesome.

They're so comfortable.

I know they're definitelynot everybody's cup of tea.

But this is how I like to style them.

And I think it's just, it's so cute.

It's definitely very comfortable.

And it still makes me feel very good in these types of outfits.

So the first one, these biker shorts are actually maternity biker shorts.

Very comfortable and Idefinitely recommend them.

And these are by the brandBLANQI, BLANQI, BLANQI.

Got them off of Amazon, gotthem in my regular size.

And super comfy.

So the first way I like to wear it is with like a super oversized T-shirt.

You can obviously raid your hubby's closet or your, if you have a man in your life and he has really big T-shirts, you can raid his closet.

But this one is actually adress, but because of the belly, it's super short and Ithink it looks better with biker shorts underneath anyways.

So I wouldn't wear thisas just like a dress.

I'd pair this with bikershorts even if I'm not pregnant just because I think it looks better.

I like the raw detailing, the raw hedges.

(laughs) Hedges, yes, hedges.

– [Andrey] Get them hedges done.

(laughs) – Lawn service right here, lawn maintenance, raw edges.

And I just think it looks good, especially just a classic white T, or you can do like a graphic T.

Urban Outfitters has so many great options that are super oversized.

Pair it with some bikershorts, some sneakers, sandals, and you're off and you'regood to go enjoy your life.

I'd also pair it maybewith like a jacket on top for like evening time, or depending what time of the year it is.

– [Andrey] You look likeyou're dressed for summer.

– I am, this is straight up summer.

– [Andrey] The only thingyou're missing is some kombucha.

– Yeah (laughs) I have noidea where this hat came from.

– [Andrey] Probably from me.

– It's probably got– – [Andrey] I love kombucha.

– I think it's Andrey's hat.

Andrey and I went through akombucha phase in Florida.

– [Andrey] What are you talking about? I'm still in kombucha phase.

– What I'm saying is rememberwhen we would stock our fridge with every type ofkombucha flavor possible? We went through a phase, you guys.

It was hilarious.

But I think this is, yeah, thisis definitely your hat babe.

All right, so next outfit isgoing with the biker shorts.

I'm slightly obsessed with this one also.

I love denim and biker shorts together, like a denim top, a denim jacket.

This one right here– – [Andrey] You're justobsessed with denim, period.

– Guys, I just love denim jackets.

This one right here, thisis kind of like a denim dress slash a super denimoversized shirt with a belt.

Like it has its own littledenim belt around it.

This one again, ASOS.

Guys, ASOS, they're just so good.

They have so many goodinexpensive options.

But this one I reallylike with biker shorts, especially for the summer time.

I like the fact that it comeswith its own little belt.

It really accentuates the belly, and it's super comfortable.

Again, I can wear thisafter I have the baby 'cause it buttons up, so I do wear this kind of like a really oversized shirt or kind of like a jacket slash dress.

Not jacket, a dress.

Last but not least, can't forget leggings.

Leggings and pregnancy, theygo hand in hand so well, so well, I think nothing else beats it.

So obviously pair of leggings.

These are maternity leggings.

These are the very first pregnancy leggings I ever purchased.

This is by the brand David Learner.

I got them on sale when ShopUpwas having it last year.

I think I was like 17weeks pregnant, 18 weeks.

And they did not fill my bellywhatsoever and I hated them.

So I wore just regular leggingsfor the longest time ever.

But now that, you know, I'm pretty much done, these leggings are phenomenal.

They're very comfortable andpaired with an oversized T, it's a match made in heaven.

I personally like pairingleggings with something like this.

This is an oversized long sleeve T-shirt.

And I think it just, it's super cute.

It has a little bit of something extra.

This kind of has like aheavier weight material, so like a really oversized long sleeve T that you can just roll up.

I think even raiding my husband's closet and using one of hisT-shirts is perfect for this.

But leggings, oversizedT, match made in heaven.

Put on some sandals orslip ons or just sneakers, and perfect outfit with maybea hat or like a baseball cap.

I think it's phenomenal.

And that completes someof the outfits that, well actually, a lot of theoutfits, that I'm liking right now when I'm really pregnant.

Again, I can't reiterate this enough.

Comfortable, cute, Iwant to feel confident, especially right now when, you know, when you're like the very very end of it.

But I think all of these outfitsyou can definitely wear it when you're not pregnant, when you're just pregnant, when you're just gettingthat little belly, and then of course whenyou have the big beautiful pregnant belly, which I justlove when women show that off.

I think it's the mostbeautiful thing ever.

You're literally growing alittle miracle inside, you know? Show that thing off, show that belly off with all that confidence.

And I just, I hope youguys find some inspiration.

Obviously, it doesn't have tobe exactly what I'm wearing.

This is not a haul, this isjust an inspirational video that you can just throw outfits together that you already, probably already have a lot of these pieces, or similar type, not these specific pieces, but these types of pieces in your closet, or even your man's closet you can just raid, you know? – [Andrey] Where'd youget this shirt, ASOS? – Yep, ASOS.

Please share your outfits that you wear or you wore when you were super preggy, pregnant with a beautiful little belly.

And again, thank you forwatching, spending this video with myself and the little baby before the baby comes into this world.

And we'll see you inthe next one very soon.


(blows kiss).