Top Fashion Trends in 2020 You Need to Know

The Bella+Canvas 2020 collection is here.

We just couldn't wait until January to show you so were launching new 2020product now through the end of the year.

Our team has done extensive researchdevelopment and forecasting to bring you the best new colors styles and fabricsbased on upcoming trends.

Eager to know what these trends are? We've put togetherthe 2020 trend report to get you all caught up.

Last year we called it.

Fleece iscurrently everywhere and it's not stopping in 2020.

Fashion has beentrending towards a more casual way of dressing for years in part becauseconsumers as opposed to designers and brands have been dictating the terms.

We're seeing sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers take over the fashion world andeveryone from celebrities to influencers to gen z-ers and millenials arereaching for comfort clothes with a street cool vibe.

What does this mean foryou? It means that adding Street Fleece styles to your offering will allow youto tap into this fashion moment that's here to stay.

First let's talk color.

There were so many colors we love for fleece that we went a little crazy andadded 18 new colors to our top-selling fleece items.

Color trends in the fleeceworld vary from one end of the color spectrum to the other.

Look for coreshades like Forest Gold and Teal which have all been added to our Street Fleececollection or for cool new neutrals like Vintage White, Ash, Sand Dune and tan.

If you're really looking to stand out go for head-turning playful colors like Lilac and Mustard.

We've got it all.

You asked and we heard.

We've created abrand new fabric blend that's ideal for direct-to-garment printing.

Our DTGfleece is knit with 100% cotton face ideal for DTG printing andthe inside is made of our signature poly- cotton sponge fleece that you know andlove us for.

We've added DTG Black, DTG Gray and DTG White to these three fleecestyles for all of your digital printing needs.

Crops have emerged in our industry as anew women's fashion forward basic.

The athleisure inspired studio to streettrend has made us fall in love with long sleeve crops paired with high-waistedjeans or leggings this look is it girl approved.

We've added the 8512our Triblend Long Sleeve Hoodie from our Fast Fashion to our full line for2020.

This fleece inspired silhouette and ourlightweight tri-blend is a versatile take on the crop trend.

Looking for morelong sleeve crops? We've got two amazing jersey options in Fast Fashion.

Check outour jersey long sleeve crop and our crop cinched hoodie.

We love developing new fabrics at Bella+Canvas but sometimes the best ideas are right in front of you.

Our silky smoothpoly-viscose fabric you might know it from our women's collection is likebutter on your skin, so for 2020 we are taking our unisex poly-viscose tee from Fast Fashion and introducing it to our full line if you're looking to elevate yourbasic tea our 3880 is seriously Lux and feels like something you'd pick up for$80 at a high-end menswear store and ladies take note this slinky fabricmakes this the perfect oversized boyfriend team did you know that 70 to90 percent of buying decisions are based on color alone because color is usuallythe first thing a person notices about apparel having the best color options isnecessary for driving sales to keep you up to speed with the latest color trendswe've added 30 new standout colors to our collection here are the top threecolor stories you need to know for 2020 neutrals are a staple in any wardrobeand will remain that way for the rest of time but the richness in our cement poolgray and sand dune have taken these neutrals to new heights designers likeKeith is about Mehran off-white supreme musi all have colors like these with the increased awareness aroundsustainability White's are trending away from that optic shade you think of whenyou hear the word white and towards something that feels a bit more naturalmeat vintage white an elevated version of your classic white tea designers likeMax Mara Yeezy Gucci Louis Vuitton and Chanel have added this color to their2020 collections so next time you have a customer asking for a white tee get themto try vintage white for a modern twist on a classic looking for a bright newcolor to add this year our poppy is the perfect bright that toes the linebetween red and orange look no further than designer brands like Marnie Chanelvêtements and Victoria Beckham to see this color popping up in their latestcollections there are 3, 000 won or 6, 400 and poppy with a graphic black-and-whiteprint for the ultimate wow factor fleece isn't just trending for adultscomfy sweatshirts are just as coveted for kids apparel for 2020 we've addedtwo new flea styles the 39 o1y and the 37 39 y so kids can rock Street fleece -we've also added toddler sizing to one of our fastest-growing Styles thelong-sleeve 3501 and of course we've added tons of color to kids toddler andbaby styles across the board which trend are you most excited to try let us knowin the comments below as well as any questions you may have for decorationand don't forget to subscribe to our channel and like this video.